Despite the £ 205 million spent, the Nigerian police website is still unavailable a week after the attack.

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Despite the £ 205 million spent, the Nigerian police website is still unavailable a week after the attack.

The Nigeria Police website remains unavailable a week after a group of internet activists compromised its security in solidarity with the #EndSARS protest.

“This account has been blocked. Contact your hosting provider for more information. ”The website was viewed when POLITICS NIGERIA left the office at approximately 4:30 am on October 24th.

In addition to being an important channel for distributing press releases and updates on its activities, this website is a force data repository containing bank details, bio-data and other sensitive data of police officers across the country. The newspaper previously reported that on October 14, a group codenamed “Anonymous” shut down the police website and released confidential details of some police officers from the infamous Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The police unit, although disbanded in the heat of protest and replaced by the Special Weapons and Tactics Group (SWAT), is notorious for excessive use of force, harassment and extrajudicial executions.

According to one participant, the hacktivist group announced its decision to attack the websites of federal government agencies in solidarity with protesters fighting for a complete reform of the Nigerian police force and an end to police brutality. …

After the group hacked into the police database, it launched similar cyberattacks on the official websites of the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other websites. belongs to the state.

In addition, hackers hacked into the official Twitter account of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), spreading its story of the content of the #EndSARS protest campaign.

This triggered a security breach from Galaxy Backbone, the federal government’s shared services and information technology provider, who advised those who control MDA and FG’s Twitter accounts to enable two-person authentication. factors.

It should be noted that the group carried out similar coordinated attacks in the United States, Israel, Tunisia, Uganda and some other countries. Its motto is simply “we are anonymous”, meaning the large number of members.

Budget allocation

Checks on appointments to the Federal Ministry of Police showed that 205.6 million Naira were spent on information technology in the 2020 budget. As a reminder, the Federal Ministry of Police was reintroduced in 2019, taking control of the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

While there was no specific allocation for the website in the 2020 budget, the ministry has allocated 12,871,168 million naira for IT and technology consulting.

In addition, Naira 158 million was allocated for the installation and deployment of the crime database, and Naira 34.8 million was allocated for the digitization of the Nigerian police personnel database.

Meanwhile, in the 2021 budget proposal presented to the National Assembly two weeks ago, Naira 9.6 million was budgeted for IT consulting, while Naira 5.63 million was proposed to develop the site. force the network.

In a conversation with POLITICS NIGERIA, IT expert and IT engineer Olalekan Ajisafé cited several reasons why a website on a hosting network could be suspended, including hackers gaining access to a hosting panel.

“Intellectual property theft is when the owner of a blocked website has copied or cloned content from another website. This action could result in the website being blocked on the Internet if reported. “

“In addition, the creation of web pages has been simplified by using predefined templates, but these templates are not free, they are paid for. Failure to renew the payment or stealing the model from the person who paid for it could result in the suspension of access to the online account, ”said Ajisafa.

In the meantime, he said that in the case of the police website, the likelihood is high that the hackers had remote access to the hosting panel. “Once hackers gain remote access to the hosting cpanel, they can act as administrators and do whatever they can. From changing access to removing a website from the World Wide Web. “

The IT expert explained that recovering from a breach takes a significant amount of time, as the owner of the original website must file a claim and provide substantial evidence before the hosting platform can take action to recover it.

Police Public Relations Officer Frank Mba declined to respond to our reporter’s inquiries on the site. He didn’t even return a few sent phone calls or sent text messages.


Although the site remains inaccessible, many Nigerians make fun of the Nigerian police, especially on social media.

“The Nigerian police will pursue technical specialists who were supposed to help them secure their website. See how they hack everything. It doesn’t make sense with the use of force, “wrote Toyoshi Godwin, a Twitter user.

Another user, Osita_chidoka, questioned the police’s effectiveness if they failed to successfully secure their website.

“Can the police, who cannot protect their data, protect our country? I expect resignation for this grave violation. The police are in dire need of modernization. A new generation is needed, ”he wrote.

@ TayeOO7, another Twitter user, wrote, “Within 3 days, the Nigerian police site has been hacked, the police that arrest Yahoo children and fight cybercrime cannot take their site from the hacker after 3 days of violation.”

Source: – Politics of Nigeria.