DHQ Threatens To Fight Back Criminals Stopping EndSARS Protests

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DHQ Threatens To Fight Back Criminals Stopping EndSARS Protests

The military has threatened to crack down on thugs and criminals who foil ongoing peaceful protests by #EndSARS activists calling for police reform in the country.

Defense headquarters disapproved of violent attacks against activists and warned criminals to refrain or face sanctions.

PUNCH reports that on Wednesday in Abuja and Lagos, some of the protesters were attacked and injured by thugs. About seven vehicles were also vandalized at the Berger roundabout, Vusse, Abuja.

But Defense Media Coordinator General John Henenche said in a statement Thursday that the military would not tolerate further attacks on peaceful protesters.

The statement was titled, “The Nigerian Armed Forces and Other Security Services Assured Nigerians the Security and Stability of the Nation by Warning of Violent Protests in the Country.”

He said: “The military and other security forces in Nigeria are watching with dismay some of the violent protests across the country, especially the growing number of attacks on peaceful protesters by thugs and criminals.

“This ongoing action against the peace-loving Nigerians will not be justified. Therefore, criminals and villains are encouraged to refrain from violent actions against civilians in Nigeria or to take appropriate action. “

The high military commanders encouraged citizens to carry out their normal activities without fear of intimidation or harassment, “as the Nigerian military and other security forces are on the ground for their safety.”

“It is clear that any attempt to undermine the democracy of our beloved nation under any cover will be unacceptable,” DHQ warned.

Earlier, speaking to Defense Department correspondents on Thursday during a weekly briefing on ongoing security operations, Henenche condemned attempts by some thugs to provoke protesters.

Asked about the planned national protests against insecurity by the coalition of northern groups, the coordinator said the military was concerned about the spread of civil disobedience.

He said, “We are not worried, we are worried and busy. You will freak out when engaged from a distance; a lot of things happened. You know this thing (insecurity) has been going on for 40 years as mentioned by the authorities in southern Kaduna. I mean the same thing happened everywhere. “

He explained that the military is always reviewing its strategy and operations in accordance with the directives of President Major General Muhammadu Bukhari (retired).

Source: – Punchng