Do not give phones to police officers at checkpoints to search – DCP Ewah (Video)

Do not give phones to police officers at checkpoints to search - DCP Ewah (Video)

Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Bassey Ewah, warned Nigerians on Wednesday not to give the police who stopped them at the checkpoint their phones without a warrant.

He noted that if the police were engaged in an investigation, they would file a warrant and then request the phone.

Ewah revealed this by answering questions during a program organized by the Police Community Relation Committee in the state of Lagos.

“I am ready to be corrected; please don’t give the phones to the cops who stopped you at the checkpoint; it is not our program. If we are investigating you, we will file a warrant and then request your phone. Please take note, ”he said.

The police chief also spoke on the federal government’s signal to stop any colored vehicle arriving in the country to be touched by the police.

Ewah said, “Tell your colleagues and friends on the street, if you present your papers and they (the cops) say they are not well; just tell him the police take me to your divisional police officer.

It is useless to argue with them because the man is deaf ».

In 2019, the Nigerian police had provided some advice to Nigerians on how to avoid confrontations with officers at a police checkpoint.

The reports came after police officers were reported to have killed and brutalized citizens.

Police provided suggestions via their verified Twitter account, @PoliceNG, in May, urging Nigerians to avoid unnecessary discussion or challenge armed personnel on duty.

They advised Nigerians to avoid giving an unhappy impression when they meet an officer on their turn.

Watch the video below:

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