Doctors living in Ondo start national strike

After a seven-day ultimatum to the state government, doctors at Ondo State University of Medical Sciences went on an indefinite strike.

Doctors went on a three-day warning strike last week to draw the government’s attention to their plight.

Doctors decided to go on strike indefinitely after meeting in Akura on Monday 9 November.

The interim president of the Sunny Oriyomi State Resident Doctors Association said the decision became imperative because the state government did not respond to their requests.

Doctors complained that the state government owed him four months of wage arrears.

Speaking to reporters, Acting President of the UNIMEDTH Ondo National Resident Doctors Association, Dr. Sunny Oriomi, said that its members can no longer work without pay. He argued that the government still owes them four and a half months’ salary, COVID-19 benefits and other rights.

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