Don Jazzi calls for an end to special forces and explains the reasons

Prominent Nigerian musician and record company owner Don Jazzi has called for an end to the newly created Special Weapon Tactics (SWAT) to replace the disbanded Anti-Robbery Task Force, SARS.

As a reminder, IGP Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu announced the creation of a Task Force on Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) to “fill in the gaps” created by the dissolution of SARS.

PGI also ordered all disbanded SARS operators to report to Abuja for analysis and medical examination.

Reacting to developments, however, Don Jazzi insisted in a post on his Twitter account that the new SWAT unit should be completed before the government starts listing unnecessary costs used to create the unit.

“They should just finish this SWAT now before it starts, or.

“Nobi” will say tomorrow that they spent money on making a logo, on making a uniform.

“Don’t waste your money, stop it now until it’s ripe,” he said.