Don’t be distracted, ”Aisha tells Yesufu to #EndSARS protesters

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Don’t be distracted, ”Aisha tells Yesufu to #EndSARS protesters

Aisha Yesufu, human rights activist and one of the most prominent leaders of the #EndSARS protests, has called on protesters across the country to continue to tackle police brutality, calling for a complete reform of the Nigeria police force. …

She called in a video uploaded to her Twitter page, @AishaYesufu, on Wednesday morning.

Yesufu reacted to the leaders’ brawl that dispelled some rumors about the #EndSARS campaign.

Social media protests escalated into nationwide street protests earlier this month, calling for the abolition of the Special Robbery Squad accused of illegal arrests, torture and extrajudicial executions.

On Sunday, the federal government relented to the protesters’ request by announcing the disbandment of the special police unit.

Police Inspector General Mohamed Adamu ordered all SARS officers who died to undergo psychological and medical examinations on Tuesday. He also founded a team of special weapons and tactics to replace the disbanded SARS.

But many were skeptical about these announcements after previous promises to improve SARS and NPF fell through.

State governors and central bank governor Godwin Emefile, among others, subsequently used some of the main voices in the protests to suspend their demonstrations and give the government time to implement the announced measures.

The development led to protests from some factions in the #EndSARS campaign that were not present at the rallies.

But speaking on Wednesday, Yesufu advised the protesters not to be distracted by the struggle for leadership, but to “watch the ball.”

He said, “Dear young Nigerians, you have government when you need government. You are doing something unusual, you are doing something that we did not do.

“Please do not be distracted by the question who is and who is not what; eyeball – forget about distractions. There is nothing to switch to combat mode yet. Focus on your message and the desired results. It is most important.

“Yes, we’ve seen government headlines, but have you seen the implementation plan?

“The government can present an implementation plan in which we know A, B, C, D, this is what it will do from now until now, what will happen with the timeline? It is most important. “

Continuing, he added: “Many people not participating in this protest, as one would expect, are trying to discredit it by talking about monetizing the protest. If someone collects money for a protest, get that person out, let those who did not collect the money do their job.

“If yours is monetized, the other person is not monetizing. I wonder why we want to delay the case. This is part of what hurts the older generation, and that’s why we split up and didn’t get a country that works for all of us.

“Please don’t get distracted, focus on the problem. You’re doing great. You woke up, you recognized your voices, and you even gave us voices. #EndSARS now, #SARSMustEnd, and we must have a great nation. Nothing else matters.”