Don’t expect palliative action from the politician to whom you sold your votes – Actor Pope Jr.

Nigerians selling their votes to politicians were ordered to stop complaining.

Nigerian actor Pope Jr. said this after taking to social media to fight back after many complained that they were not receiving palliatives from COVID-19.

The action-oriented actor tweeted this, which he shared on his Twitter page on Sunday, October 25.

According to him, the people’s rights to the dividends of democracy were bought when they sold their votes in the last elections, which led to
the emergence of political leaders in power.

He concluded by advising Nigerians who sold their votes to expect nothing from the leaders to whom they sold their votes.

He tweeted: “Because they will give you palliatives tailored for you, when in fact they paid you for your grades … (in other words, you sold your palliatives) …… .. And so you shouldn’t expect anything- or from the leaders to whom you sold your votes ……. 2023 I’m running “

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