Dr. Vernon Coleman Discusses Why Vaccnated Will Die Early!

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  1. I have to agree we must pray and ask God to protect us from this evil I forget exactly where in the Bible it talks about it but there is something about it the beast of the feels something they carry in bats would be based off the field but I believe what it saying that the scientists doctors to figure out ways to cause pandemics were large amounts of people we’ll die and it will seem to come from somewhere other than A lab that’s what they tried to do with this virus they wanted everybody to think that it was a virus that came from bats not made in a lab from bats thank God for whistleblowers it’s time to rise Hell we know who the enemy is these are evil people the socialist democratic criminal organization party members will do and say anything to stay in power they’ve already proved that it’s time to rise up and destroy this evil before it destroys us if you notice our military will not honor the oath that they took everyone needs to look up the Oath our commanders took and our law enforcement and politicians took similar oath our government and our law-enforcement and military have been infiltrated and corrupted the globalist haven’t been able to take our guns so they must go a different route they must reduce the population to a manageable size they’re in the process of doing that now they would’ve probably been a lot further along if Hillary Clinton would have been elected president but thank God our beloved President Donald John Trump was able to win the 2016 election they did everything they could do to get him out of office because he was messing up all of their plans so they finally come up with A scheme to defraud the American people with the 2020 election the pandemic attack by China the massive invasion in our southern border in the attempt to keep our President Trump out of office does it sound like a conspiracy theory or is everyone starting to see what the hell these socialist democratic criminals are doing I believe this is their last chance if they fail this time they will be way too many years go by before they are able to try it again you say they’re turning loose these murdering murdering criminals out of jail this fast as they can they’re putting together and financing Black Lives Matter and these others and they’re preaching racism police brutality wake up America look at what they’re doing see don’t take my word for it investigate look at what’s been going on and who’s been doing it our President Trump turn this country around in a short period of time I would rather have a president that was strong-willed with good common sense and a track record for winning and making our country prosperous look what Joe Biden has done in the short 18 months it’s basically destroyed this country by the time he’s out we may not have a country to save this is no conspiracy theory there’s things are actually happening and it’s getting worseEvery day no exaggeration I believe now that Our military will not help us they have not honored their oath I’m not real sure that our Supreme Court is 100% on the side of the American people they knew there was fraud and they had evidence of fraud and the fraud was carried the evidence was carried to them and they refused to look at it I hope and pray that our American citizens our patriots are preparing your hearts and minds we may have to fight for our freedom again they’re trying their best with this vaccines to weaken the American people where we can not fight we must remember what made this country great the people that believed in worship God our father and believed on his son Jesus we must pray for strength and wisdom and by the way I forgot to mention what they’re doing to our kids not only are they trying to give these vaccinations to our children but they’re the evil they’re teaching them in school homosexuality remember what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah remember God will give you all the freedom and your rights God will give you all of your rights that you want but don’t expect to pass through the pearly gates and allow homosexuals to indoctrinate our children and rip the children from the womb they even want to kill a baby after it’s born this is what these people have been talking and planning and we know 80% of the people the socialist democratic criminal organization party look at the lies Adam shift told looking the American people in the eye the fake news media it’s time to start raising hell with this evil we must destroy the evil that is attacking not only us but our children and our children that are still in the womb that’s the last straw God bless United States of America I pray that he gives us the strength and the wisdom to destroy this evil that is attacking our great nation and remember everyone no mercy absolutely no mercy for these evil treasonous traitors to our country

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