Drama as an angry mafia invades Lagos police station for a 3-day-old child “sold to a soldier”

On Friday, police from Onireke Police Station in Lagos State prevented a group of people from attacking two women.

The crowd blamed the women, who were arrested for allegedly selling a three-day-old baby to a soldier, but were rescued by the police.

Women, believed to have come from the Onireke market, Ojo, Lagos, broke into a police station singing songs about the war against two suspects.

In a conversation with NAN, one of the women leaders, named Mama Dada, said that the mother of the three-day-old was encouraged by the older sister she was with to sell the baby because no one took responsibility for the baby’s father.

Mom Dada said her older sister sold the baby to a female soldier for $ 200,000 before the mother regained consciousness after giving birth.

“The sister told the child’s mother that if they cannot meet the child’s needs, they will sell her. And he sold the baby to a female soldier from the Ojo army barracks across from the market, ”he said.

“The sister who accompanied the mother-to-be to the hospital took the baby to the duty nurses before the mother regained consciousness after giving birth and sold it to the soldier for $ 200,000.”

Beatrice Uzokwe, another trader who was at the station, said the child’s mother raised the alarm on December 9, 2020, adding that police had also arrested her older sister in connection with the incident.

Police, however, said a statement on the matter would be released after an investigation.