Drama in which angry workers blockade Deputy Governor Nasarawa’s convoy for non-payment of wages

Drama in which angry workers blockade Deputy Governor Nasarawa’s convoy for non-payment of wages

Several injured workers in the Dom metropolitan area in Nasarawa state staged a protest on Friday over the non-payment of their two-month salary and the alleged disappearance of the $ 20 million withheld, according to the Daily Trust. on their wages from the Federal Housing Mortgage Scheme.

The workers blocked the convoy of Deputy Governor Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, a native of the House.

Aqabe, along with a concerned Prime Minister, Mr. Rabo Sani, met with workers to plead with them to remain calm.

They told the workers that the state government was doing everything it could to remedy their situation, but the protesting workers would ignore their request by barricading the road.

The roadblock began on Monday this week when they held a “special prayer” in the middle of the road.

The prime minister blamed his predecessors for the council’s inability to pay workers, arguing that the illegal employment of civil servants only made matters worse.

He said, “I have not hired a single civil servant, but my predecessors made the mistake of hiring more than 500 civil servants.”

However, he said that the reason for the protest was the lack of funds to pay wages to workers, pointing out that this is a problem at the state level.

He denied rumors of a failed federal mortgage fund, adding that the local government had borrowed money to pay workers’ wages.

“There is no shortage of money from the Federal Mortgage Housing Fund. Rather, we borrowed money to pay staff salaries, stating that all union leaders knew about the deal, ”he said.

“Basically, what I want to say is that before we got to that, there was consultation and agreement.”

He said that the state’s 13 local government councils needed N 2.1 billion to pay their employees for two months.

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