Drama when a mob of fake revenue collectors attacks Internal Revenue Service President Benue

Drama when a mob of fake revenue collectors attacks Internal Revenue Service President Benue

According to a Vanguard report, yesterday a mob of fake revenue collectors attacked Revenue Executive Chairman Benue, BIRS, Mr. Andy Ayabam and his team with sabers, axes, sticks and other dangerous weapons in Agan, Makurdi. holiday village on the Makurdi-Lafia road.

Vanguard says the president escaped death when he bumped into a barricade erected by a revenue syndicate that long ago set up a collection point in the community, forcing motorists to pay them illegal taxes.

When his team tried to arrest fake tax officials, they were attacked by a gang that damaged his official vehicles and pursued them with dangerous weapons, threatening to kill the president.

Speaking of his ordeal, Mr. Ayabam said, “I was driving out of town this afternoon when I encountered an unusual traffic jam that blocked many trucks, very close to the old Agan toll collection point on the outskirts of Makurdi town.

“And this is the place that was on our radar a favorite spot for illegal entry operators. When we arrived, the motorists detained by these fake operators identified the person who was collecting money from them.

“We arrested him on a motorcycle. Then the same drivers took the carabinieri who were with me to another hut, where one of them was hiding.

“When we arrived, many young people came out of nowhere with axes, sabers, stones and sticks and began to chase us. They attacked me, saying they would kill me. I had to run to save my life.

“We ran towards the end of the Lafia road. They managed to retrieve the bike we grabbed, but we managed to race with the man we arrested.

“We called the police for reinforcements that came to our aid. They successfully brought us back to Makurdi. We also managed to detain other suspects who were taken to the headquarters of the State Police ”.

“People have been extorting motorists for some time now, and we have complaints about this.

“In fact, one of those arrested by us showed his identity card, stating that he works for a tax agent whom we do not know. Everything they do is illegal, they usually work at night and in the early hours of the day. Sometimes, if the motorist does not give them the required amount, they remain hostage until the money is handed over to them.

“This is what they did with the trucks that they were holding early in the morning until about 13:30 when we arrived,” he added.

Attempts to contact the Police Public Relations Officer, Deputy Superintendent, DSP, Catherine Ahnen, have been unsuccessful.

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