DSS arrests #EndSARS protester in Osuna

DSS arrests #EndSARS protester in Osuna

The leader of the EndSARS protest on Monday, Emmanuel Adebayo, commonly known as the captain in Osuna, was arrested by the Department of Public Services (DSS), according to the Daily Post.

According to reliable sources, Adebayo was arrested on the charges brought against him.

It is believed that Adebayo was arrested on the grounds that he allegedly impersonated the Nigerian military and on this basis received a confession.

Sources told DAILY POST that the outage might not be related to EndSARS. It has been established that Adebayo cannot be released until he is charged if the charges against him are true.

Adebisi led the second wave of EndSARS protests on Monday in Osun state.

The young men armed themselves with several signs at the entrance to the Osun State Chamber when the President is Honorable. Timothy Ovoye addressed them.

The signs are readable; “We are not fighting for any political parties”, “# End the bad judicial system in Nigeria”, “End the fake judicial commission of inquiry in Osuna”, “Unfreeze all frozen accounts”, “We are Nigerian youth” and others.

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