“Ebubeagu does not prosecute ESN, but protects life and property” (photos)

“Ebubeagu does not prosecute ESN, but protects life and property” (photos)

Ebony State Governor, Engineer David Nweze Umahi, FNSE, FNATE, made it clear that the Southeastern Security Group, EBUBEAGU, was not created in honor of the Eastern Biafran Indigenous Security Network, but focused on protecting ebony and Ndigbo from crime Igbere TV.

This was announced by the governor of Umaha, having presented some operational vehicles purchased by the state government to security agencies in the Governor’s House, the new Government House, Ochudo Stenari City, Abakaliki.

He made it clear that security company Ebubeagu, which has yet to launch, will have a global uniform after it launches in various states in the Southeast.

Explaining this contrary to suggestions that an unknown militant was looking for him, the governor of Umaha said that no one was looking for him. He noted that he ordered security forces to prepare to prevent a repeat of the attack, which was recently carried out on the airport project site by some criminals.

“No criminal, IPOB or ESN is looking for the Governor of Ebonyi State because the Governor of Ebonyi has fulfilled his obligations to the residents of Ebonyi and what happened two days ago was not an ESN or IPOB case, this is pure crime, we increased security there, and I order that if you approach the airport with a weapon, you will not leave the airport with a weapon, and we are committed to doing so, that should be enough. ”

Governor Umaha has ordered community leaders, especially those who will benefit from the Abakaliki bypass project, to train vigilantes to protect expatriates, noting that any threat to workers at any time will result in the area being excluded from the project.

“We’re going to reward the first stage of the bypass, which is about 70 km of concrete road, which is the best ever, so it’s an opportunity for the communities to come back and meet and keep the road safe.”

He called on the country’s leaders to move away from their focus on aspirations for 2023, but to focus on addressing the security concerns of nations to ensure a broader future for Nigerians.

“Let’s forget 2023 and change the fences, and let the country’s leadership reflect on their words.

“Our country is at a crossroads, I was so shocked when people announced the dates of the elections in 2023, it is very regrettable, because now the country is in a rather difficult situation, this is not a question of the President or the governors. , all leaders must take responsibility at this stage, because the problem is not what we are publicly preaching, but when we are faced with a solution that will secure the future of our children, what we do with him, and I continue to say that no man brings his money to the grave because this problem that we are in is that we leaders have not been able to guarantee the future of our children and we have not changed yet, so it’s time to rethink, resources this country can build this country. “

He condemned the situation where people attribute the country’s problems to politics, and urged everyone to come together to restore normal life.

The Governor expressed his willingness to work with CAN and relevant authorities to study various unrest among young people with a view to resolving them.

“We can make peace, we cannot continue to ignore the various unrest in different regions of this country, we must discuss, we must correct our paths, we must begin to rebuild in unity and love, we cannot continue to kill ourselves, we cannot continue to destroy our infrastructure, these are our children, it hurts me every time the security forces kill, it hurts. “

He paid tribute to the security agencies for their steadfastness in protecting the people, especially in restoring peace to Effium.

The Governor presented a total of 20 brand new HILUX minibuses and 40 Toyota Sienna buses.

Source: – Igbere TV

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