Edo government imposed 24-hour curfew during #EndSARS protests

The Edo government has imposed a 24-hour statewide curfew.

The government said the curfew will continue until further notice.

Edo State Government Secretary Osarodion Ogi said in a statement that the curfew will take effect from 4:00 pm Monday.

He said: “This decision has been made necessary by very disturbing incidents of vandalism and attacks on people and institutions by thugs disguised as #EndSARS protesters.

“While the Edo State government respects the right of its citizens to legally protest, it cannot sit idly by when thugs have taken the law into their own hands to harm innocent citizens and the state.

“According to the directive, schools and businesses must close their businesses accordingly. Those unable to move safely should remain in place from now until 4:00 pm until calm is restored.

“Parents are encouraged to restrain their children, youth and wards in order to prevent further violations of law and order.

“The government is responsible for protecting life and property and maintaining law and order, so any curfew breaker will be treated in accordance with the law.”

Edo State Government Declares 24-Hour Curfew Following Prison Breakout in Benin “

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