Electricity tariff increase is insensitive – NLC opposes FG

Electricity tariff increase is insensitive – NLC opposes FG

President Muhammadu Bukhari and his government have been called immune to a 50 percent increase in electricity tariffs.

Nigeria’s Labor Congress said Wednesday it had responded to the hike.

As a reminder, the FG has been approved by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission as the increase, which varies by different consumer classes, took effect on January 1, 2021.

The regulatory agency made inflation and exchange rate adjustments responsible for adjusting tariffs from N2 to N4.

In response, NLC Vice President Joe Adjaero said in a statement on Tuesday, NERC had ignored a committee working on a new electricity tariff regime.

Adzhaero, who is also a member of the committee chaired by Labor and Employment Minister Festus Keiamo, said the committee had not yet submitted its report prior to NERC’s action.

The Labor leader appeared on the TV channel Sunrise Daily, which is controlled by PUNCH.

He said: “By November there was a rate hike that is disputed. A committee has been created, headed by Keiamo, and some of us are serving on that committee. We have not even finished dealing with this issue, and the adjustment has already been made. unfair and unnecessary. Someone argues that there was an adjustment, not an increase. As much as they play with semantics, Nigerians notice a lot of differences in what they do.

“90% of Nigerians receive electricity less than 12 hours a day. All these group problems, groups A, B, C, D, are all lies. Nigerians know more.

“On all these issues, there is an agreement with the workers, the commission did not even submit its report, and the NERC behaves as if it is from the moon and is insensitive to Nigerians. This is unacceptable “.

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