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Elise Stefanik: GOP unified in exposing Biden’s ‘radical’ agenda, Cheney too busy ‘looking backwards’

Newly-elected House Republican Conference chair Elise Stefanik laid out her party’s vision moving forward during a Sunday morning interview in which she reaffirmed that former President Donald Trump remained the GOP’s driving force.

In an interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo, Stefanik, a New York Republican, also talked about the differences in her vision for the party versus the woman she replaced, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, whom she said was “looking backwards” rather than ahead to the party’s, and the country’s challenges.

“Republicans are unified in exposing the radical Far-Left agenda of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi. We want to spend every day on exposing the border crisis, the economic crisis, and the national security crisis in the Middle East,” Stefanik began.

She went on to say that the party is also focusing on “safely reopening” the economy after more than a year’s worth of pandemic-related business disruptions and pushing back against the administration’s energy policies, which have led to the “highest gas prices in seven years.”

Bartiromo responded by saying that Cheney appears to be focused on the Jan. 6 riot and its immediate aftermath before then played a clip of her suggesting the party move on from Trump after she was ousted from her No. 3 position within the party.

Stefanik accused Cheney of “looking backward” while adding that the GOP is “unified” and “looking forward,” noting further that under Trump enacted pro-growth policies, brought peace to the Middle East, enhanced national security, and focused on other issues important to working-class Americans.

She went to chastise the administration as well as the president himself, saying that the “bipartisanship” Democratic nominee Joe Biden promised during his campaign has yet to materialize.

“I’m proud to represent the vast majority of Republicans, and that’s why we needed to make a change at House conference chair,” she continued.

After discussing how important state efforts are at shoring up voter integrity to regain the public’s confidence in elections following the 2020 chaos, Stefanik pushed back on reports that she is less conservative than Cheney by touting her credentials as one of Trump’s impeachment defenders. She went on to say that she’s also focused on issues that matter more to her voters and others around the country such as the current worker shortage Republicans have blamed, in part, on enhancements to unemployment benefits paid under the recently passed COVID-19 relief bill.

Later, Stefanik lashed out at “progressive” criminal reform measures that have led to massive crime spikes in New York City and around the country, while noting that Republicans support fully funded police departments and a tough-on-crime approach.

She also noted that the current crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, which includes increased drug trafficking, affects all parts of the country.

Bartiromo then asked Stefanik, whom Trump supported for the Republican Conference chair, how important he is to the party’s future electoral success.

“He’s critical to the party, he is the leader of the Republican Party,” she responded. “Voters determined the leader of the Republican Party and they continue to look to President Trump for his vision.

“He’s gonna be an important part of us winning back the House in 2022,” she said.

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