Emergency Saturday Broadcast BELOW! WAPO Reports Biden Preparing Plans For Martial Law

Biden is preparing to implement never before used executive orders that suspend Congress and establish a deep state dictatorship ahead of the midterm elections.


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  1. Hello i think this 1world 1gob is the biger estupidity i eber heard i can belivie and all this guys fiser tedros and all the rest can kiss my but ok

  2. George Washington and the rest of the founders of the United States were iluminated masons and are not heroes. Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant and is the father of the modern national DC government

    • They are heroes of the United States of America. But they are not the founders. The founder wrote the Constitution between 1563 and 1583. All those you spoke of is not heroes. Have been all under oath to the Constitution and business constitution in the United States government. Even during the revolutionary war.

  3. At the beginning of this video the drug company CEO said he wanted to reduce the population by 50%… WRONG info wars edited the ORIGINAL video. What the CEO actually said is that he wanted to reduce the number of people in the world that couldn’t afford pharmaceuticals by 50%

  4. I do not understand what you want us to do. As one man me doing anything will get me jailed or killed. Where do we go to join a group to protect Canada and America? We needed to come together when Trump was president. Are we defeated? Do our countries have the strength and courage to stand up to our governments. I am willing if you’re all behind me.

    • So many of us stand with you. We’re not sure where to go or what to do, either. United, we CAN and WILL save our great country America. America is the last free country on earth. The world is watching to see just what Americans will do. If the rest of the world sees us fighting, I believe that they will join us rallying against their own fascist dictators. This plan of the One World Government by the World Economic Forum aka Klaus Schwab and minions of evil, has been here for decades and the final push should have been in 2016 with HRC as president. They didn’t foresee Trump winning. That put a wrench into their plan. Or this would have already happened. So they went with plan B. Steal an election and install a puppet a mouthpiece into power to bring their plan to fruition. Every single move Biden and his administration have or plan to do are directly because of the WEF’s One World Government rule. The world has now seen exactly what the plan is to depopulate the world, enslaving the population ruling over their every breath in order to live their lavish, narrcistic, sociopathic, egomaniacal, mentally unstable, lives. Forcing us to eat insects while living in abject poverty and they see themselves as deserving everything and we are here to make their wishes and demands come true.
      We need HELP! For those among us who are afraid, what are the options? Live in poverty, unable to even voice your concerns or have an opposing view being barely alive or FIGHT for the RIGHT to live on this earth as GOD intended? Which outcome are you most frightened of?

  5. FYI the CEO of the Corp that runs the Pilot and another major truck stop companies testified recently that the union pacific railroad has cut there allotments by 25% so far and they the union pacific are going to cut it further by 50%. Now how does this effect everyone in the US, well the one retailer cover’s 95% of the fuel diesel fuel for the truckers on the road and now with the supply being artificially restricted the price of diesel fuel is being increase by basic supply and demand, and with the price going up like a rocket, the cost of shipping anything is going up. Everything in this country moves on trucks, from the food on the shelf,to the materials used to build your house,to the gas in your car to go to work and to pick up your kids. This nefarious activities are happening right now and along with all the other problem’s this strikes at the very core of everyone’s lives. and this is not being reported by anyone nothing is being said. I would never known about it except by accident while scrolling through youtube I happened to see it and I just happened to watch it. Anyway union pacific railroad is the method and the union pacific railroad is owned basically by two major hedge funds, one of them is black rock and I’m not sure who’s the other one and I’m still trying to find the first video ( I didn’t realize how big the trucking industry videos on youtube there were) so when you see empty shelf’s, and the gas is going up 50¢ a day you just thank union pacific railroad and black rock hedge fund. God bless America and President Trump and everyone watch your six

  6. What do we need to do in our counties and states to stop this!!??? Need info??They want these drugs viruses sex traffickers gangs etc. To come here and kill us!!! They bur Ed down alot of these pressing companies!!!

  7. Certain elite people is funding virus escape incidents. Wuhan is only the beginning, soon there will be more with more infections, death from Wuhan Labs in China. We are in for a bumpy ride. We have been servants to them. Our taxes go to other countries. The government officials are supposed to be our servants for the people, of the people and by the people. We’ve been screwed for decades if not more. Since they took control of our government they have made a one eighty and is destroying our way of life, our children, our Rights, our everything. Hope we get a handle on this before it becomes a one world government with an agenda.

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