END: How a police officer broke my teeth – Man tells his story to the Lagos jury

END: How the policeman broke my teeth – Man tells his story to the Lagos jury

A man from Nigeria named Olajide Fovotade described how he was harassed by the police.

According to the SaharaReporter, the man told the Lagos Court of Inquiry how a police officer brutally hit and removed his two upper front teeth.

Fovotade, explaining his clash with the police, said that an officer named Ayo, assigned to the Ketu police station, attacked him before he passed out.

He added that after he regained consciousness, he was taken to the police station, where the police officer continued the attack and bullying.

He said: “On March 11, 2017, I came from my workplace and there is a park of tricycles at the Ketu bus stop on the road leading to the motorway.

“There were cyclists in front of me that day, so I was waiting for them.
“I just heard bikers come up from behind, slammed my car and shouted that I had to go.

“I asked one of the bikers if he wanted me to crash into a tricycle and he yelled at me wondering if I knew who he was. I never knew it was a police officer who was driving to arrest motorcyclists.

“He came up to me and started punching and punching me. My wife, who was next to me, held me down, and when the blows got too strong, I got out of the car.

“When I got out of the car, the officer held my hand while Officer Ayo hit my head on my mouth.

“The next thing I remember, two of my teeth fell out and I immediately passed out.”

He added that he was taken to the Ketu Police Station, where a police officer kicked and beat him until he was rescued by other police officers.

He told the group that a police officer reprimanded him and demanded to be taken to a hospital for immediate treatment, after which he was subsequently released.

He pleaded with the jury to help him get justice and demanded compensation from N3m for the cost of his medical treatment.

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