#EndSARS: AGF Malami Reveals Person Responsible For Filming Demonstrators At Lecchi Toll Station

#EndSARS: AGF Malami Reveals Person Responsible For Filming Demonstrators At Lecchi Toll Station

The Attorney General of the Nigerian Federation (AGF) does not seem to know who shot the protesters.

Abubakar Malami, the federal attorney general (AGF), said the perpetrators may have been behind the shooting of protesters outside the toll station in Lekki.

According to TheCable, Malami added that bandits in uniform, not soldiers, shot #EndSARS protesters outside the Lecchi toll collection point in Lagos state.

About two weeks ago, protests began across the country calling for the dissolution of the Special Anti-Rogue Squad (SARS).

The police unit was disbanded, but protests continued as citizens demanded reforms in the army.

Protesters gathered at a toll collection point for 13 days before being forcibly dispersed by soldiers.

There are reports that some of the protesters were killed by soldiers stormed the toll booth on October 20, 2020, but there are differences in the number of casualties and no clear evidence has been presented.

Speaking to reporters in Abuja on Monday, AGF officials said an investigation is under way to find out what actually happened at the Lecca toll station.

Malami said it was “preemptive” to conclude that the shooting was going to happen, adding that the “bandits” could have been hired to create the scene.

“The possibility cannot be ruled out that perhaps the bandits who arranged the scene … could just as well take part in the trial,” the AGF said.

The Lekki toll station incident sparked outrage across the country.

Babajide Sanvo-Olu, Governor of Lagos State, blamed the incident on “forces beyond my direct control.”

But the Olaniyi Person, the army’s interim public relations director, said the Lagos government has called on the army to restore order.

However, he denied that the soldiers had fired at the protesters, calling the reports of the military attack false.

The army also said it would not disclose the identities of its men who were sent to a toll collection point in Lecchi on October 20.

A jury set up by the Lagos state government to investigate the alleged brutality of the dissolved SARS has already begun its session.

Last Friday the jury visited the toll collection point in Lekki.

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