EndSARS: Awkuzu SARS blocked as protesters paralyzed Awka

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EndSARS: Awkuzu SARS blocked as protesters paralyzed Awka

The defunct anti-robbery task force, SARS, headquartered in Avkuzu in the Oya local government district of Anambra state, considered the most famous for its brutality, was under lock and key on Wednesday even as #ENDSARS protesters were paralyzed by activities in Avka.

Protesters who caused a traffic stop in the state capital of Anambra named 12 people who they said were brutally killed by Awkuzu SARS agents in recent months. They listed Onitsha, Oraifite, Ozubula and others as the places where they were killed.

Although Avkuzu’s usual hive associated with SARS has disappeared, several of the officers were seen sitting in front of the office.

It emerged that those arrested prior to the dissolution of SARS by Police Inspector General Mohammed Adamu had not yet been released, and several confiscated vehicles were still lying around in the office.

One of the people whose relatives were imprisoned during the disbandment said that no one told them what to do, adding that he rushed to the scene immediately after the disbandment was announced, but no one was there to deal with it.

Meanwhile, the SARS protests suspended economic activity in Avka for several hours as protesters used cars to block some of the main roads.

One of them, Mr. Johnson Okemili, who was standing on the roof of one of the cars, listed 12 names of people, mostly young people, who, in their opinion, were killed by Aukuzu SARS agents in recent months.

According to him, the victims were killed on the basis of simple fabricated charges that they were armed robbers without prosecution, or were the children of yahoo yahoo.

He said: “One of my friends died because he asked why SARS agents were following him. He was kicked and tortured until he lost consciousness and recovered. I don’t know if they like people who look good or seem to be successful in their business at a young age. “

He said it wasn’t enough for PGI to dissolve SARS and replace it with a different dress, stating that the name had simply changed.

Source: – Vanguard