Endsars: Bukhari makes fun of the dead police victims – Tunde Odesola

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Endsars: Bukhari makes fun of the dead police victims – Tunde Odesola

When #EndSARS protesters overthrew one of the kings of Nigeria’s 36 states, Babajide Sanwo Olu, in Lagos last week and fled to surrender to Aso Rok, President Major General Muhammad Bukhari (retired), he laughed.

Bukhari’s laughter was not warm. It was dry and devoid of fun, whipping like a whip across the bare skin of the harmattan. Laughter echoes with the crackle of the trachea as the tiger sinks its yellow teeth into the antelope’s neck, glass eyes.

According to many, Bukhari’s laughter sardonically betrays Aso Rok’s latest insincerity in dealing with Nigeria’s problems. For some others, there were unspoken words behind the laughter: “Look how this baby governor shakes like a leaf of general protest. Kai, he doesn’t see fire! ” little boy compared to General Bukhari.

An agitated little boy, Sanvo-Olu, who was fired from Governor Alaus’s office about two weeks ago by young men protesting the brutal police killings, brutality and extortion across the country, was spotted in a viral video enthusiastically explaining Bukhari what Lagos is. The state provided young demonstrators for the demands.

Wearing a mask and clutching a large brown envelope with protesters’ requests, Sanwo-Olu gestured and physically held out his envelope to Bukhari, who was used to receiving guests without a mask, casually sending a signal to the citizens. this reckless task is to protect against the coronavirus.

Speaking with the haste of a pilot whose plane was in danger, Sanwo-Olu told Bukhari: “They (the protesters) said that we must free all the demonstrators, we released them; they said that we should create a trust fund to pay compensation to the families of the victims, I created my own trust fund. I announced it today. “

So Bukhari laughed.

If Sanwo-Olu was shocked by the awkward laugh, he never showed it. He continued: “Thirdly, they said that we had to organize some kind of investigation for people who are embittered … (Bukhari interrupts, saying,“ Yes, I did. I said that back ”).

Sanwo-Olu continued, “So tomorrow PGI will come to the Governors Forum and ask each of us to create a team of four or five people. Last but not least, they said we should have raised the police salary. PGI said they are working on it. And (PGI) said it would help some of them get psychosocial treatment. Some will go to Force hospitals, clean them up and check them out. Those who can still be absorbed will be. So everything works, but I just want to present it officially. (Deliver envelope to Bukhari). Thanks sir.”

Because of ridicule, rather than mourning the dead, many Nigerians referred to the president in less than charitable names. But no matter how annoying the inappropriate laughter of the president may be, I sincerely apologize for him. I apologize for Bukhari, because I know that the sweat of a dog is masked by his fur, as the sweat of our president is masked by the splendor of the Aso rock.

I must say how desirable laughter is, it is open to ambiguity. Laughter can be happy, sad, or empty. If I were Bukhari, my line of defense against groaning would be that my laughter during the presentation to Sanvo-Olu would be painful. I would like to remind them of the Yoruba proverb “Oro buruku toun terin,” which says that bad luck goes side by side with laughter.

For those who want to know, the president would laugh if one of his sons were killed protesting for a better Nigeria, I will say: the sons of Major General Bukhari are obedient and hardworking ladies and gentlemen, too busy to be lazy smoking on the highway … eat, drink and sing. And why would Bukhari’s children march through the streets in search of a better country if there is nothing wrong with Nigeria using presidential planes to keep them airborne and limousines that take them to shore?

The sweat or laughter of Bukhari, if you will, is seen by many protesters in Nigerians as the gerontocratic trait of a leader who urgently needs to retreat from the harsh critical thinking and energy-intensive demands of nation-building. Most young protesters believe that Bukhari’s thoughts, words, and deeds are meaningless in government because they are not in tandem with modern democratic realities.

This is why Major General Bukhari deserves our collective sympathy, because he has exhausted his obligations. I am sure Bukhari is shocked and cannot understand why, for the first time in the country’s history, obedient young Nigerians suddenly found their voice and stood up in droves to confront their oppressors. I can hear Bukhari asking who is funding these young protesters? I can imagine the loss on his face as a security report reveals that the young people’s call for real change is fueled by the mismanagement of his government. I can see the worry on the president’s face when he is told that youth riots are fueled by social media. I hear: “Social media? Social media contest in 2023? “

Bukhari deserves regret, because he cannot help laughing, because the events of the past two weeks are completely inaccessible to him. This is why it took shocking nationwide protests for Bukhari to learn that Nigerians were being massacred by members of the long-awaited reform police.

Or Bukhari along with his ministers, legislators in shallow chambers, principalities residing in government houses throughout the country, the inspector general of police, secretaries of the federal and state governments, etc. Do you know that before these protests, the police kill, rape, maiming and extorting extortion from innocent Nigerians? They were all silent, because they do not represent people. They only represent their pockets.

When Bukhari and the previous generation of Nigerian leaders shout “From the microphone”, fresh blood gushes in the streets of Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Osogbo, Ibadana, Owerri, shouts: “Soro soke! ”Synonym“ Speak louder! ” While Bukhari, Goodluck Jonathan, Olusegun Obasanjo and their failed political leadership are mired in countless accusations of corruption, a young generation of young people protesting in the streets are demanding openness, honesty and fairness.

Today every politician in Nigeria is afraid. They know the scales are falling. Young Nigerians tore off the label “lazy” that Bukhari had pinned them. They also challenged the idea that only money can mobilize citizenship. For 60 years, the old order disappointed the nation. A new order is emerging. May he be born safely.

If the millions of jobs created by the Obasanjo, Yar’Adua, Jonathan and Bukhari administrations are correct, then there will be no youth on the streets today. If the thousands of hectares of farmland that billions of nairas vote to cultivate each year are real, then hungry young people will not take to the streets to find food in protest camps. If the houses had electricity, some of the protesters would sit at home and watch TV. If Bukhari gave hope, young people would do it.

Nigerians have always listened to the broken record titled “Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable.” Today I laugh when I see these funny leaders running around in large numbers, negotiating peace in the country. Well, Bukhari should know that impotence for 21 years cannot kill the lust for power in the Nigerian military. For an essay, half a word is enough.

In captivity, when a tiger or lion tastes human blood, it is instantly killed because big cats will kill more people by tasting human blood, since human blood tastes better than the blood of other animals because of its salinity. …

Young Nigerians have experienced the power to change the evils of their society. I pray they never stay the same again.

God bless the young Nigerians.

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