#EndSARS: Bukhari’s speech lacks sympathy for victims – minority speakers speak

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#EndSARS: Bukhari’s speech lacks sympathy for victims – minority speakers speak

As reported by The PUNCH, the minority faction in the House of Representatives has reacted to President Muhammad Bukhari’s speech.

Caucus said that after reviewing President Bukhari’s speech on #EndSARS protests across the country, the appeal fell short of the expectations of most Nigerians.

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The congregation stated that it was particularly surprised that Bukhari’s speech did not mention the attack by soldiers on innocent and unarmed young Nigerians at the toll station in Lecchi, “the same event that caused violent unrest throughout the country and, as a result, widespread request for a presidential speech. “

In a statement released Friday by minority leader Ndudi Elumelu, the minority faction said it expected the president’s speech “to be accompanied by some sympathy for the victims of killings and other brutal acts by unscrupulous security personnel.” especially at a time when the president’s soothing words will go a long way in soothing torn nerves.

The statement was titled “EndSARS: President Bukhari’s Address Is Poor – Minority Faction”.

In part, it read: “Indeed, Nigeria expected the president to appease Nigerians, especially young people, by strongly condemning the killings and mistreatment of our youth, by announcing an expedited independent investigation, the circumstances surrounding the dire actions and the environment are a clear path for the necessary revising our security system.

“The much-desired national healing, peace, unity and stability of our country are based on this demonstration of care and commitment from the leaders.

“This is in addition to investigations into videos and reports that unscrupulous security officials have mobilized thugs to attack peaceful protesters and unleash violence against innocent Nigerians. An end must be put to those behind this shameful act that has intensified intersectoral rivalry and pitted citizens against each other. ”

Opposition lawmakers also called on Bukhari to urgently change the national security architecture, “replacing service chiefs with more competent and professional hands to help effectively address the security challenges facing the country.”

In addition, lawmakers called on the president to take urgent steps to accelerate action on his economic reforms to provide young people with ample opportunities to profitably participate in manufacturing sectors and to alleviate suffering, hunger and frustration in the country.

“The Caucus of the minority notes that history is a reminder and that unity, stability, peaceful coexistence and the general well-being of citizens in our country should be fundamental at this stage of our national life. Our faction is once again happy with the families of the victims of this unfortunate turn of events, while demanding peace across the country and calling for collective action to create a united and peaceful Nigeria for the benefit of all, ”added Elumelu. …