#EndSARS: Curfew Begins Anambra Today at 8:00 PM – Governor of Obiano

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#EndSARS: Curfew Begins Anambra Today at 8:00 PM – Governor of Obiano

EndSARS: Curfew starts at 8:00 pm today in Anambra.

… N200m allocated for SARS victims

Anambra State Governor His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano’s special broadcast on growing tensions in Nigeria over the EndSars protests on Thursday 22 October 2020.

Ndi Anambra ekenem unu
I am compelled to speak to you today because of the growing tensions across the country over the recent efforts of young Nigerians to demand a better Nigeria.

The events of the past few days remind me of the words of Franz Fanon, an influential political philosopher, who remarked that “every generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it with relative opacity.”

This generation of young Nigerians has discovered their mission. But the question that everyone is asking: Will they betray or fulfill?

Great young Anambra, I am immensely proud of what you have achieved so far. But we must not succumb to the painful urge to violence; regardless of provocation, how justified our anger is and no matter how easy it may seem. Violence is not fruitful.

The founder of modern India, Mahatma Gandhi, warns that “when violence seems to do good, good is only temporary; but the evil he does is eternal. “

Umunnem, although our beloved state remains largely safe and isolated from the boiling sea outside, we have also recorded several unpleasant incidents in our domain, and there is justified anger in the country. But we can’t give him a chance to consume us all.

As a result, we are taking precautions to prevent further plunge into lawlessness in Anambra State by imposing a 24-hour curfew starting at 8:00 pm today until this escalating tensions are under control.

Therefore, all schools and markets in Anambra State are closed. All gatherings of groups and associations under any name or label from 20:00 are prohibited. State law enforcement has been duly instructed to ensure compliance.

However, all law enforcement officials tasked with enforcing movement restrictions must resist the temptation to use excessive force in an attempt to bring the situation under control.

We cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that created the problem we are trying to solve in the first place.
In the meantime, I want to assure all the non-indigenous people living among us in Anambra state of their safety, wherever they live in our dear state. The Anambra State Government will not let you be harmed.

N of Anambra, we must remember that in response to a nationwide call by young Nigerians to end the gross violations of their human rights by the deceased SARS, my administration has taken proactive steps to bring justice and peace to the country. our dear state.

I personally visited all the premises where the deceased SARS was located and released all prisoners from illegal places of detention. I created a judicial commission of inquiry to review petitions from victims of human rights violations committed by the late SARS.
Most importantly, I am delighted to announce that we have committed $ 200 million to compensate people who have demonstrated incidents of human rights violations, torture and death as a result of the late SARS in Anambra State.

This provision is part of the 2021 budget, which will be presented to the House of Assembly within a few days.
Ndi Anambra, this effort is essentially about finding a better society. We know that no amount of money can compare with human life.
But we believe that a symbolic gesture at the right time can heal old wounds and help affected families find a way out during these difficult times.
In Anambra, the peace and security that we have enjoyed in Anambra State for the past seven years is under threat. All hands must be on the bridge to save Anambra from this danger.

I urge all religious leaders, traditional rulers, market leaders, community leaders and leaders of various youth associations in Anambra State to rise to this immediate challenge and speak to our young people and calm the seething anger in the country.
Everything that we destroy in anger was created by us, even if it was donated to the federal institutions of our state. We must do our best not to injure ourselves.

Ndi Anambra, the times in which we live require extraordinary sacrifices. We must respond to this with patience, tolerance and love. Now is not the time for unbridled emotions. Now is not the time for destructive rumors and conspiracy theories.

It is time to reach out and touch each other with love, treat each other with kindness and speak to each other with one voice; Nigeria is more than her problem!

Umunnem, we are the heirs of a proud history. We bring the inventive genius of the great minds who created the famous Igbookwu civilization.

Our ancestors practiced pragmatic democracy before the Greeks came across its beautiful theories. We rose from the ashes of a brutal civil war to rebuild our lives with relative ease.

Ndi Anambra, our story is different. Therefore, in such moments, we need to act with a sense of history. We don’t need to give in to unpleasant anger and give up.

God bless the state of Anambra
God bless Nigeria
Willie Obiano