#EndSARS: DJ Switch, others help protesters shoot down the toll station in Lekki

#EndSARS: DJ Switch, others help protesters shoot down the toll station in Lekki

EndSARS: DJ Switch, Others Help Protesters Shoot At Lecchi Toll Station

Popular female disc jockey DJ Switch posted on her Instagram Live to show the aftermath of the shooting at Lekki Toll Gate.

Nigerian law enforcement officials reportedly fired at peaceful protesters outside a toll station in Lekki.

The disc jockey broadcasted live where she and other peaceful protesters tried to remove a bullet from the leg of a shooting victim.

They tried to remove the bullet from the man’s leg with what looked like tweezers, after sterilizing it with a lighter and alcohol.

To keep the pressure on the person’s injury, they had to tie a Nigerian flag around his leg. Apparently, experiencing excruciating pain, the man continued to shout “I am a man” while they probed the wound for a bullet.

Due to the poor network the DJ was on, it’s unclear if they managed to get the bullet out of their leg.

DJ Switch, on his live Instagram feed, also showed other peaceful protesters being hit by bullets in various parts of their bodies.

In addition, it was shown how they tried to help another victim, but, unfortunately, in the video, it was heard that the person had lost consciousness, however, they gave artificial respiration to resuscitate her.

He noted that when law enforcement officers arrived and began to shoot sporadically, peaceful protesters sat on the floor with Nigerian flags in their hands.

However, some of them were not injured because they hid under the nearest truck.

Live, as she continued to help the victims, we heard her say: “They shot at peaceful people, they shot at us for nothing. Please register this. Look at the bullets, bullets all over the place, people pick it up from the floor. Please register this and share. We managed to escape because we were under a truck. “

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