EndSARS: Donald Duke on the Calabar robberies, “When a Man Steals a Bathroom”

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EndSARS: Donald Duke on the Calabar robberies, “When a Man Steals a Bathroom”

Former Cross River Governor Donald Duke said young Nigerians were left behind and hopeless due to mismanagement in the country.

The Duke, who spoke to reporters on Sunday when he reacted to property destruction in Calabar on Friday and Saturday by some thugs, said it was abnormal.

He said that young people feel abandoned and depressed as no leader assures them that tomorrow will be better than today, so they took the laws into their own hands, destroying private and public property.

He said that from videos and photos he saw of the robberies in Calabar, he showed that young people felt abandoned and abandoned by leaders, leaving their future in their hands without doing anything for them.

“We often want to blame criminals and unbelievers for these events, but they are not these people, we created them, they are people.

“I am saddened when people consider others to be unbelievers. They are our children. If you don’t provide them, teach them, and give them hope, they will take the laws into their own hands; but the point is, we need to get up and fix these things.

“We have to understand what we are saying and say what we mean. When young people consider your words to be empty statements, they will no longer take you seriously, ”he said.

He noted that if the tragic accident that occurred in Calabar recurs in Calabar, the condition will be “over.”

The Duke, who instructed the government to be ready to find solutions to problems, said that this influenced the uniqueness of the state’s hospitality.

“Young people have been injured and we have to come to terms with it and heal their scars. I want to contact them, talk to them and ask for forgiveness; so that we too can forgive them and build a better society.

“We love Cross River, once we get out of here we will encourage others to do the same. For this we need everyone’s support. We need to encourage government to succeed, no matter what we think.

“Some of the protesters are inactive, if they are employed, they will not be on the streets. You cannot say you have a right to life without being eligible for support.

“You know, it’s really bad when you dehumanize a Human Being to the point that he has to steal the toilet. When you see someone carrying a used toilet base, know that this is a big problem. We need to help our youth succeed. We have to train, equip and support them, ”he said.

He said that furniture, cars and other property that has been destroyed can be replaced, but human life cannot be replaced, so young people should sheathe their swords.

According to him, the young people sent a strong signal to the leaders, and not through rather harsh words.

Source: – The Nation