#ENDSARS: Drama when a man scares a dog of thugs attacking protesters in Abuja (photos)

A man named Baba Inuwa brought a dog to the #EndSARS protest to protect the protesters from the bandits.

A man led a dog to protest after brutal attacks on young men protesting police brutality and impunity by sponsored armed thugs.

Inuva was spotted at the protest site with her stern Mastiff.

He said he supported the protest with his dogs to provide forward protection for the protesters in the event of any event.

“I brought my dogs over from yesterday’s attack to protect the lives of protesters in the event of another attack,” he said.

He was waiting with his dog a few meters from the crowd in front of the gates of the National Assembly where the demonstration was taking place.

The attack prompted the demonstrators to take some internal security measures to avoid a repeat of the incident and not be caught off guard.

They adopted a strategy whereby the unit will ensure that all demonstrators move to and from the same location at the same time to prevent anyone from disappearing or being left behind.

In addition, a thorough background check was conducted among the members to identify the real protesters and avoid infiltration.

The protesters said they remained focused despite provocations from thugs allegedly sponsored by the Nigerian government and vowed not to back down until their demands for police reform were met.