#EndSARS: five most famous SARS officers will be revealed

A list of the five most prominent officers of the now deceased Nigerian police anti-robbery task force will be unveiled by Senate Minority Leader Senator Enyinna Abaribe.

The federal legislature pledged to make public its contribution to the #EndSARS protests and the need for comprehensive police reforms in the country on Tuesday. Senator Abaribe, who praised his colleague from Ekiti state, Senator Biodun Olujimi, the author of the movement, also asked President Muhammad Bukhari to address the Nigerians on this issue.

He said: “I support this proposal. I think part of the solution to this problem is for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to study this issue and reach out to the people about it. ” I will also forward to you (the Senate) the names of five notorious SARS officers who have been accused of killing so many Nigerians. ” If the president addresses the nation, the MP believes the #EndSARS protesters will listen, knowing that he has come out directly to address the issues raised.

However, he said that giving a speech would not completely ease tensions in some parts of the country, but the president would put his words into practice. “I also propose that in doing so, he (Bukhari) should try to create a panel of judges that will include people who are respected by the young people themselves, so that they can solve a certain problem, and that problem is the famous SARS officers who have been identified. and even identified by the Presidential College “,

– suggested Senator Abaribe. Following various contributions to Senator Oluzhimi’s proposal, the Senate asked President Bukhari to address the nation as soon as possible on issues raised by #EndSARS protesters. Legislators also urged all Nigerians to use legal institutions to resolve disputes and conflicts, adding that all levels of government should implement and support policies of socio-economic reform that will improve women’s living standards. people.

They called on the police authorities to act strictly in accordance with the relevant rules for fighting in a democratic environment and to ensure a comprehensive and holistic police reform. Senators sought to improve the general welfare of police officers, including training and health insurance for all members of the Force. But they asked the #EndSARS protesters to kindly interrupt their actions in the interests of all and start a sincere dialogue.

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