#ENDSARS: gangsters beheaded and burned to ashes a policeman in Anambra, three more injured

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#ENDSARS: gangsters decapitated and burned to ashes policeman in Anambra, wounded three more

Anambra police confirmed the beheading of a police officer on Thursday.

During the #ENDSARS protest in Nnevi, Anambra State, a detained officer was beheaded on Thursday and turned to ash. Police spokesman Haruna Mohammed, who confirmed this in his statement, said three more were injured to varying degrees.

He said the victims were taken to hospital for treatment, adding that they are responding to treatment. He added that five people were attacked in Onitsha and taken to hospital for treatment, where three were confirmed dead and two others were receiving treatment.

It was also revealed that the protesters attacked the Nnewi police station, set fire to patrol cars and other artifacts and vandalized them.

Mohammed listed other police units that were attacked, including Nnevi District Command, Division 3–3, Ogbunike / Isiuvulu, Nnobi and Zud units, and the Popular Club police post.

He said: “On 10/21/2020 at about 11:30 pm, hooligans in large numbers, under the pretext of ‘END SARS’, attacked the Nnevi police station, burned it and vandalized patrol cars and other exhibits, but he was not allowed to inspect the weapons warehouse to take his hand from – for the strong resistance shown by the police on duty. ” Similarly, on 10/22/2020 between 3:30 and 17:00, thugs in large numbers also attacked the Nnevi District Command, Division 3-3, Ogbunike / Isiuvulu, Nnobi and Zud units, as well as the People’s Club police station, and burned police cars. and set fire to buildings, taking away the remaining artifacts in the Divisions.

“In the meantime, one policeman was beheaded and reduced to ashes, and three others were injured to varying degrees. The injured policemen were taken to the hospital for medical treatment, and now they are taking action. ” As a result, seven other police stations, namely CPS / Area Command Onitsha, Ogidi, Awada, Inland Town and B’Divisions, successfully repelled the attacks and chased away the thugs. Orange, Otolo, Amichi and Both fiercely resisted the thugs’ attempts to attack the police stations.

“However, five people were attacked in Onitsha and taken to hospital for treatment, where a doctor confirmed that three had died and two others were being treated.” Other government properties burned or destroyed include the Ogidi High Court building, the LG Idemili North secretariat, and the Zika statue at the DMGS roundabout was destroyed. An arrest was also made. “