EndSARS: Government May Declare State of Emergency – Warning of Trouble with Lagos Lawmaker

EndSARS: Government May Declare State of Emergency – Warning of Trouble with Lagos Lawmaker

Temitop Adewale, a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, asked the #EndSARS protesters to calm down.

He called for an end to the #EndSARS protests, warning that the government may be forced to declare a state of emergency or isolation if the situation continues to deteriorate.

Adewale, representing the constituency of the state of Ifako-Ijaye, said this on Wednesday on Instagram.

The legislator asked the protesters, mostly young, to assess the government’s efforts to meet their demands.

He said that if the protests continue, counter-demonstrators from business owners and sponsored elements could emerge, and this could lead to crisis, robbery and anarchy.

Adewale wrote: “My dear and senior young people, let’s take a break from protesting, let’s go back for now and wait to see the promise of the reforms they have made to us. If we do not do this, I predict that there will be counter-protests from young people, entrepreneurs, front-line soldiers and others, whether sponsored or not, robbery, oppression and persecution will follow, and anarchy will imminent.

“The government will deploy its security forces and special forces to end the crisis they say was caused by us young people and to impose a blockade and / or a state of emergency in the country, so the police reform that we want to see will not happen. while they focus on you and me

“The part of the constitution that favors government will be designed to protect life and property as the primary responsibility of government. Please consolidate our victory by organizing to participate in the reform process and ending this protest.

“I am mostly a young man and my name is Hon. Temitop Adewale, Member of the Lagos State Legislature. God bless us all. “

Thousands of demonstrators, mostly young, protested against police brutality by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

The protests continued despite the police demolition of SARS.

Several attempts by the government and businessmen to suppress the protests have failed.

The predominantly peaceful demonstrations caused heavy traffic and negatively affected economic activity in the country’s major cities.

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