#ENDSARS: Governors told IGP Shelve SWAT that he says the time is not right

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#ENDSARS: Governors told IGP Shelve SWAT that he says the time is not right

Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adam, has been tasked with preparing plans to replace the Federal Task Force on Robbery with the Special Weapons and Tactics Group of the Forum of Governors of Nigeria. They urged him to “consult more before moving on with his plans.”

The governors argued that the timing of the decision to create the SWAT is currently unfavorable due to the mood of the Nigerians. They noted that the public could misinterpret the idea as an attempt to dress a demolished Federal Robbery Task Force in new clothes.

Forum President Gov. Kayode Fayemi said in a statement he signed Wednesday after the forum’s conference call with PGI.

The statement was released on Thursday. He said the forum received a briefing from PGI on the nationwide SARS protests and the police chief’s plans to implement far-reaching force reforms to address the crime management challenges of our times.

Faymi said PGI has informed the governors that the new special forces group it is forming will only engage in intelligence activities and will not participate in regular operations. The press release states in part:

“PGI informed the Forum that after a psychological and medical assessment, SWAT officers will be trained and assigned for all government missions – about 50 per state, where they will only operate as part of intelligence operations.

“They will not take part in routine operations, but will act specifically for reconnaissance, after which they will return to their teams.” PGI has assured governors that it will use the provisions of the new 2020 police law to drive extensive police reforms, and has pledged to support, understand and guide governors in new reforms. “Faymi said

“In response, the Forum acknowledged the concerns of many Nigerians, especially young people, who have been affected by the atrocities committed by some of the Federal Anti-Robbery Services (FSARS) and Nigerian police officers”; Regardless, Forum attendees noted the efforts of FSARS officials in their states as they greatly helped contain the growing wave of kidnapping, armed robbery, cattle theft and other high-level crime, especially in the states. North, where deterring this criminal activity would otherwise be very difficult. “Therefore, members expressed concern about the radical decision to liquidate FSARS, while recognizing the need to address its excesses.” He also stated that “after deliberation and extensive discussion, the members decided the following:

“Governors unanimously endorsed PGI and endorsed its plan to implement far-reaching reforms aimed at increasing efficiency, accountability and transparency; Members called for greater regularity of Nigeria Police Council meetings in order to effectively carry out their regulatory and oversight functions as mandated by the Nigerian Constitution. ”

Regarding PGI’s SWAT plans, the governors “argued that while the effort may be necessary and in good faith, they argued that the timing is bad as the mood of the nation denies it and could understandably be misinterpreted as a move. secretly change the FSARS into another suit. ”

The governors also noted that the protests went beyond calling for an end to SARS and included improved governance at all levels. They also accused the police of tracking down members of the disbanded police unit involved in acts of gross human rights violations and of holding them accountable for their crimes.