EndSARS: Governors worried about discontent and anger in Nigeria – Fayemi

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EndSARS: Governors worried about discontent and anger in Nigeria – Fayemi

Ekiti State Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi said he and his colleagues at the Governors’ Forum of Nigeria (NGF) are concerned about the grievance, hunger and anger in the country and will be willing to work with other stakeholders. find a long term solution.

Dr. Fayemi, who is the NGF chairman, said the violent national protests against ENDSARS are the result of years of suppressed emotions, anger and hunger in the country, adding that the governors are pursuing broader policy reform. not only very much provoked by the reform of the police.

The Governor spoke Sunday at a special Thanksgiving Mass held at St Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, Old Garage, Ado Ekiti as part of his second anniversary celebrations.

Dr. Fayemi said he understands the frustration of young Nigerians who took to the streets last week, noting that he used his younger years to engage in similar protests against mismanagement, especially the military dictatorship.

He echoed the views of the Catholic bishop of the Ekiti diocese, Rev. Felix Ajakaye, who called for an immediate end to the protests at the national level so that the authorities act at the request of the demonstrators.

Governor of Ondo State Mr. Oluvarotimi Akeredolu; Deputy Governor of Ekiti State Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi; Deputy Governor-elect of Ondo Mr. Lucky Aedativa; First Lady of Ekiti State Erelu Bisi Fayemi; former Governor of Ekiti State and now Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment Otunba Niyi Adebayo; Former Deputy Governors of Ekiti State, Chief Paul Alaby; Chief Abiodun Aluko and Professor Modupe Adelabu; Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon. Funminiyi Afuye; cabinet ministers, state legislators, traditional rulers, honorary bishop Ekiti, Olatunji Fagun, market women leaders and public figures.

Dr. Fayemi, who described himself as a product of God’s grace, asked forgiveness from those whom he might offend while fulfilling his duties as head of state.
According to him, he vowed to do what is right and fair, noting that his actions up to this point in office were based on honesty and fairness.
Speaking about the state of the nation, Dr. Faymi said: “There is a lot of anger in the country, there is a lot of hunger in the country, suppressed emotions. There is disappointment in the country. As a young man who has spent a lot of time on the barricades protesting against mismanagement, I can understand what is happening now.

“My colleagues and I are worried and committed to reforms not only on SARS, because we will make the mistake that the general discontent in the country is associated only with SARS. “As Your Grace (the Bishop) said, the government should be allowed to respond to incoming inquiries.”

The governor said he would always be grateful to God for giving him the grace to serve the people of Ekiti again, saying that he sees himself as an instrument in the hands of God and sees the governor’s job as missionary work.

He added: “If I had gotten my second term normally, I would have stopped being governor, and I know I would not be the president of NGF now. God has a purpose for our life. “
Speaking in the wake of protests that shook the country over complaints of police brutality in his sermon, Bishop Ajakaie called for an immediate end to the protests to allow the authorities to reform the police.

The priest also called on the federal government to address complaints from Nigerians about the state of the nation, insecurity, rebellion, and the hardships they face in the country.

While the Ekiti state security network (Amotekun) was launched on Monday, Bishop Ajakaye warned his agents to be apolitical and to work with honesty and fear of God.
He also called for synergies between the security forces in Ekiti, including Amotekun’s agents, to make the state safe for everyone.

He said: “The federal government should listen to people’s complaints not only about ENDSARS, but also about terrorism and other problems that arise in our country. THE END The SARS protest must end, leaders’ indifference to people’s lives, mismanagement, insincerity, and mistrust must stop.

“There is famine and anger in the country, and the government must act immediately. Protesters must end their protest immediately, because if it continues, it could backfire. Among them there are those who use protest to defend their criminal activities. “

The bishop also instructed Governor Fayemi to use the remaining two years in power to create a worthy legacy for the benefit of the people. The priest also advised the governor to use his mid-term opportunity to reschedule and implement more people-centered policies and projects, as “time waits for no one.”

Bishop Ajakaye, however, told parishioners that he had independently investigated one of the state’s ongoing signature projects and that the World Bank has confirmed the responsibility and integrity of the governor’s government.
He said: “I went to see your projects, I went to see the huge Water Corporation building on Ivoroko Road and called a senior World Bank official to tell him what I saw. The officer told me what I expected, he said that the governor is responsible for this. “

Bishop Ajakaye ordered the governor to build strong structures that are larger than strong people, because “as long as strong structures exist, strong people will disappear.”

The bishop urged Fayemi to focus on fulfilling his duties and not be limited to years in office, saying that “success without a worthy successor is really a failure.”

“This is your first half and the break from football is the time to change strategy. Your wife was born in Liverpool and supports Liverpool Football Club, You Will Never Walk Alone.

“But recently, when Liverpool played against Aston Villa, a team that nearly relegated last season, they beat Liverpool 7-2. This is your mid-term perspective, use it to restructure your strategy, use her to rebuild her office and implement more people-centered policies and projects, because time waits for no one.

“Success without a successor is actually failure. There is a need for a culture of support and continuity in the good work you do. You are a leader, quality, listening. Thank you for listening to your people. “

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