EndSARS Group Receives Over 77 Million Won in One Week

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EndSARS Group Receives Over 77 Million Won in One Week

EndSARS Group Receives Over 77 Million Won in One Week

The Feminist Coalition, a nonprofit organization and one of the main supporters of the #EndSARS campaign, says it has received more than 77 million donations in support of ongoing protests against police brutality and extrajudicial killings by men. The now disbanded special anti-robbery group of the Nigeria police.

The group, whose goals include “fighting injustice through peaceful protests, fundraising and social media,” said Thursday in a statement titled “Progress Report – October 15, 2020”.

He said the funds were raised “through the generosity of well-meaning and motivated Nigerians who want their voices to be heard and their requests granted.”

The statement read, in part: “Last week, Nigerian youths launched a peaceful uprising, calling for the dissolution of the infamous SARS unit and an end to police brutality and an unjust justice system.

“Like everyone else, we decided to do our part and help fight injustice by raising funds to support peaceful protests and ensuring the safety of Nigerians exercising their civil rights by providing food, water and other drinks, masks, medical and legal assistance to demonstrators.

“We collected in total: 62 643 663.05 NGN; US $ 11,474.34 (CHF 4.3 million), C $ 5,595.89 (US $ 1.6 million), GBP 5,733.49 (US $ 2.8 million), € 875.42 (390,225 pounds sterling), 1256.70 GHS (81 USD, 823), 53 016.60 KES (183 656) and 1,28827988 BTC (N5 0.5 m).

“With these funds, we supported 100 peaceful protests in 25 states, paid 759,080 NGN bills for the treatment of injured protesters, donated 400,000 NGN to the families of victims killed by police officers during peaceful protests, paid 500,000 NGN in legal aid and spent 11 367 NGN .500 for supplies including food, water, masks, among others, for peaceful demonstrators. “

PUNCH previously reported that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey expressed support for the #EndSARS protests when he tweeted @Feministcoalition explaining how to donate to the campaign.

Young people have been protesting police brutality and killings for more than a week, establishing economic activities in most of the country.

Source: – Punchng