#EndSARS is politically motivated. It’s roughly 2023, says Governor Yahaya Bello (video)

Posted by on Oct 27, 2020, Under: News

#EndSARS is politically motivated. It’s roughly 2023, says Governor Yahaya Bello (video)

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello said the #EndSARS protest organized by Nigerian youth is politically motivated and sets the pace for 2023.

Yahaya Bello said this on the morning of Tuesday, October 27, in an interview with Channel TV.

“What is happening today, the so-called ENDSARS, is politically motivated. Whether someone says or not, I repeat and quote myself every day.

Because you ask for five items, and you receive them, but you do not receive them. What struggles, riots or uprisings in the world have ever succeeded without leadership. “

Asked if he disagrees with the protest unrest, Governor Bello said;

“I agree 100%, but if you look at what is happening today, you have no choice but to classify it as politically motivated. This is a ploy to set us young people of this country against each other. “

When asked to name the politicians who renewed the protest, Governor Bello said;

“From those who created them. From politicians who have their finger on the pulse End SARS. From those who continue to place bets when the requirements have been met. From those who continue to benefit. “

Going further, he said;

“You asked for an end to SARS. Remember, not everyone believes in ending SARS. Even if you say SARS is the wrong thing to do, the best way to get upset is to simply ask for a complete reform or overhaul of your security system. …

There are bad eggs in the military, in the aviation, in the navy, even in civil defense. Let’s put an end to these protective suits? Even in modern media, however good they are, they have their flaws that also put countries and countries on the path of collision. Are you out of media?

We continue to demand reform. Now SARS is over. The morale of the police dropped and they left the streets. Thugs have seized power. Who do we report to? I believe that we should have articulated our points of view and responded to them more convincingly so that they were not used by politicians.

Let me tell you, this is 2023 “