#EndSARS: Lagos Youth Representatives Asked for Secrecy Pledge

While the Lagos State government established a panel of judges to spearhead the #EndSARS protest, a Nigerian youth representative was asked to sign a nondisclosure oath.

The vow of nondisclosure, which was vehemently opposed by representatives, was seen by the government as an attempt to remove transparency from the meeting.

By reaching out to social media, young people across the state have called on the government for what they see as an alleged attempt to silence them and cover up jury investigative reports.

One of the social media activists actively involved in the fight, Bamikole Omoshore, took his page to report the issue.

“I don’t understand the need to take an oath to keep secrets. @SavvyRinu
And Majekodunmi are representatives of the youth, we are in solidarity with them. They don’t have to sign an oath of secrecy. @jidesanwoolu
he must really see that the panel is public and televised. #EndSARS “

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