#EndSARS massacre: Buhari told about firing, arresting Lai Mohammed immediately

President Muhammadu Buhari was told to order the dismissal, arrest and trial of Lai Mohammed.

For lying to Nigerians and the world, President Muhammadu Buhari was told to immediately fire the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

The call came following a report by the investigative group established by the Lagos state government to uncover the incidents on October 20, 2020, at the popular Lekki toll booth in Lagos state.

The report released during the week had charged Nigerian police and army soldiers with killing and mutilating harmless youths protesting illegal police activities and poor governance in Nigeria.

But Mohammed, in a series of press conferences, continually denied that anyone was killed when soldiers invaded the protest scene.

Despite the federal government’s position, the report shows strong evidence that there was indeed a massacre at the Lekki toll booth.

The Nigerian Association of Human Rights Writers (HURIWA) supported his dismissal, arrest and trial for his blatant lie, which has now been contradicted by a judicial commission of investigators in Lagos.

HURIWA made the request in a media statement made against the background of the issuance of a concluding judicial report and the verdict of the Lagos State Judicial Committee of Investigations.

The 309-page report details how the military and police ignored their rules of engagement during the protest.

HURIWA recalled that Mohammed also criticized Amnesty International’s claim that no less than 12 protesters were killed in Lagos state by security officers during the EndSARS protest.

HURIWA “asks President Muhammadu Buhari as the biological father of many well-educated children, to order the arrest and prosecution of his Information Minister Lai Mohammed for committing a serious and ruthless crime that amounts to Holocaust denial of the 6 millions of Jews from Adolf Hitler who is punishable by nearly half a century of imprisonment.

HURIWA “He also commends the courageous members and the chairman of the Lagos State Judiciary Committee of Inquiry into the #ENDSARS protests, especially the circumstances surrounding the massive cases of extrajudicial executions by the army and armed police when these armed forces opened the fire with lethal weapons aimed at unarmed demonstrators ».

The rights group has asked the president not to go under the carpets the illegality of the security agencies just as it was said if the president allowed his information minister to get away with impunity by denying the slaughter that took place before the eyes of the captured world. live on video cameras, then he will be remembered long after he retired from public office as a dictator who took care of the genocide of young demonstrators and the unborn generations will never forgive him.

“President Muhammadu Buhari must note that as the father of many children he needs to ensure that impunity is never tolerated, especially the extrajudicial killings of Nigeria’s very young by the army just for protesting police brutality,” HURIWA stated.

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