EndSARS: Nigerians are silent for a long time – Pastor Enenche protests

EndSARS: Nigerians are silent for a long time – Pastor Enenche protests

Senior Pastor of the Dunamis International Evangelical Center Dr. Paul Henensch has responded to ongoing protests across the country.

Nigeria has been seething for days after some young people took to the streets to demand an end to the training of the police, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

According to IDOMAVOICE, the protest continued despite the fact that the police cleared the unit and announced the formation of a new formation.

Responding to development, Dr. Henenche said that only true change is the only way forward, not resistance by force.

His words: “The protest you see is not just a reaction to what they are talking about, they are reacting to General Wahala.

“There is a limit to which the human spirit and mind can cope with oppression. Our people are frivolous, easily excitable, we have a very long endurance, it is difficult for us to complain because we are programmed to resist. “

“All kinds of terrible oppression, crony oppression, selfish oppression, when the oppression is visible from part of the country; a commitment to dominate power and take strategic positions everywhere.

“People were silent for a long time and say that we can still be silent. And the solution is not to resist forcefully; the solution is to change it urgently. “

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