EndSARS: No units have yet been created to replace SARS.

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EndSARS: No units have yet been created to replace SARS.

For nearly two weeks, young Nigerians have been on the streets demonstrating protests against police brutality, in particular those that have been pinned down by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, which stands for SARS.

In addition to SARS, protesters are calling for a comprehensive reform of the Nigerian police force, renegotiation of conditions of service and improved police welfare. And it seems that the demands are growing every day.

The protest, which covered all the states of the federation and the territory of the federal capital, was greeted by the international community as a brutal fire.

In response to widespread discontent, President Mohammadu Bukhari ordered IG to disband the notorious SARS after meeting with police authorities. In accordance with a presidential decree, IG announced that SARS is banned. He added that a new special forces uniform will be created to replace the much-criticized SARS.

IG’s statement prompted other demonstrations. Young protesters believe the government is playing on their intelligence by replacing one form of SARS with another under a different name.

But Tosan Eyewunmi, a security expert and advisor to the Nigerian police, said that contrary to popular belief, the inspector general of police had to create a unit to replace SARS.

Speaking for the first time since the crisis began, Eyewunmi, CEO of Crime Fighters, told Weekend Vanguard that IG only said a new SWAT unit would be created to replace SARS, which means it was only telling people what the police would do after the disbandment. SARS. “SWAT, which stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, is a common word in security corridors around the world.

SWAT is used in America, it is used in Germany and even in the UK. This word was not coined by the Nigerian police or IS. And, so to speak, he did not constitute any body or unity. He was simply explaining to members of the public that a unit like the SWAT would intervene in lieu of the disbanded SARS. As we speak, such a new unit does not exist because it wanted to convince Nigerians that there would be no void in the country’s social safety net. He assured the people that the Nigerian police would fulfill their responsibilities by creating another body that would carry out tasks that would be carried out in tandem with the functions of the special forces. “

Explaining further, Eyewunmi said, “SWAT is generally the body that must respond to violent crime and that works with intelligence and technology that is different from SARS. SWAT is not the body you see every day on the road. But due to the fact that the public misunderstood him, there was such a negative reaction. “

He insisted that IS was not creating another unit. “This is work. He simply said that this is what he set out to do. Before putting everything together, these people must be specially trained, because spetsnaz is a technical specialist, a tactician who must be trained by professionals. This is not the place to put every Dick, Tom and Harry, because it takes well trained staff. “

He said that the special forces are not an ordinary policeman on the street or on patrol. “In the same way that the FBI in America is not an ordinary police officer who can be found everywhere, SWAT agents will work that way.

This cleared up misconceptions that some analysts put forward against the creation of SWAT when there was already a mobile police unit. “The mobile police were created to suppress riots, but the special forces are committed to working on high-tech issues, taking care of intelligence and mostly operating undercover. For example, in the event of a kidnapping, you cannot wear a police uniform to go and arrest the kidnappers because you would have already surrendered. Before leaving, they will investigate and work on the information gathered.

Source: – Vanguard