Endsars: Ogun creates a complaints portal

Posted by on Nov 10, 2020, Under: News

Endsars: Ogun creates a complaints portal

Following the recent protest by young people calling for the demolition of the Nigerian Police Force’s Anti-Robbery Task Force as a result of misconduct and harassment by its members, the Ogun State government established a Human Rights Complaints Portal. citizens condemn all acts of brutality by police and other security personnel.

Attorney General and Justice Commissioner Akingbolakhan Adeniran noted that the portal will allow citizens who have been victims of any form of abuse, harassment or misconduct by any security officer to report and upload them to the portal. for immediate action by the Bureau of Human Rights Complaints.

Website: http://hrcp.ogunstate.gov.ng/.

Mr. Adeniran explained that all information received through the Portal will be regularly reviewed and investigated by the Ogun State Human Rights Complaints Office and / or the Judicial Investigation Commission on alleged cases of police brutality and related issues. In addition, the information collected can also be used as evidence in a court case.

State residents and visitors are encouraged to use the platform to upload evidence, including documents, images, videos and audio recordings, to report human rights abuses by state security officials.

“In Ogun State, we believe in freedom, justice, equality, fairness and the rule of law. We do not condone any act of harassment, intimidation, or brutality against law-abiding residents or visitors running their legitimate business by any security officer.

“That’s why we created this Portal so that our employees can file complaints and back them up with irrefutable evidence that we can use in court if necessary.” The Commissioner said.

Reaffirming the current administration’s determination to bring peace to all parts of the state at all times, the Attorney General assured the people that the government remains deeply committed to ensuring that citizens’ rights are always respected and that violent incidents in the state are prevented by security officials.