#ENDSARS: only white paper report can confirm Lekki’s alleged murder – CDS Irabor

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Lucky Irabor on Tuesday evening in Benin City, the capital of Edo state, said that only a white paper from the report of the #ENDSARS judicial panel report in Lagos indicating through social media that there were killings during the protest in Lekki, in the state of Lagos, would confirm the alleged incidents.

He assured that the Nigerian Armed Forces remain committed to their professional vocation of protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria as well as warned Nigerians against making incitement comments about what is happening across the country.

Irabor, who was on a farmiliarization visit to military formations in the state, said: “I’m sure those of you in the media must have seen that there is a report that has been released even though I believe a wrong channel is doing. the tour in social media.

“If it is a real report I don’t know but I would like to point out that the normal procedure is to present this report to the summoning authority and then there will be a white paper on the basis of which informed comments can be made …

“But whatever you see currently, I’d like to point out that Nigeria’s Armed Forces are professional militaries, we are populated by Nigerians, and we remain committed to constitutional mandates, so at this point we don’t think Nigerians should make disparaging comments regarding the Armed Forces of Nigeria in the sense that we are professional Armed Forces and if there are any problems we obviously address them under the arrangement.

“It will not be fair to denigrate the men and women who have worked so hard to ensure that the territorial integrity of this nation is kept intact; so in the meantime until i see the full report i may not be able to… but i can assure you that nigerian military is well disciplined and we do not commit ignoble acts.

“If the Nigerians did not trust us then we would not have done what we are doing and anyway it is the armed forces of Nigeria and remember, we are not talking about the police, we are talking about the armed forces with an emphasis on armed forces so when the armed forces are called at issue is because there is a need for the armed forces; there is no one who does not require and wish to live in peace and therefore we must understand that the armed forces are there to keep the peace, to provide the environment that will allow every single Nigerian to live his desires in peace and harmony therefore not we make inciting comments that set the whole space on fire, it’s not fair “.

Earlier, Obaseki praised the CDS for its continued efforts to improve security in the country, urging the defense chief’s collaboration and support to eliminate bandits and other criminals from the Edo forests.

Source: – Avant-garde

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