#EndSARS protesters blockade the Ebony government building as Umahi vows to remove all police checkpoints in Ebony

Posted by on Oct 19, 2020, Under: News

#EndSARS protesters blockade the Ebony government building as Umahi vows to remove all police checkpoints in Ebony

#EndSARS protesters in Ebony state on Monday locked down an old government building, Abakaliki, for nearly six hours to protest police brutality in the state.

Following a demonstration blockade of the road leading to the old government site, Abakaliki, motorists were forced to use other upgraded roads to reach their destination.

Presenting their demands through their leader, Barra. Stephen Ugama, protesters called on Ebony State Governor David Umahi to set up a judicial commission to investigate SARS illegal activities, compensate victims of police brutality, release all illegally detained in the police network, investigate local government tax collectors and police officers operating at Eke Aba Police Station …

In response, Governor David Umahi, who called their actions constitutional, assured them that no one would harass them over the protests.

He also assured them that all their demands would be met accordingly, although he stressed that he would create a trust fund for victims of police brutality in the state.

According to the governor, by police commissioner I mean the dismantling of all roadblocks in Ebony state.

“I want to make sure no one bothers you. You are fighting for your right and your future. What you are doing is constitutional. You know, I am a young man too. We will consider the issue you raised about the Eke Aba police station. The future belongs to you. We will set up a judicial commission of inquiry. There will be a youth representative. Student and Human Rights Representative will participate

“The panel of experts will receive and examine the evidence presented to it. A trust fund will be created with me. Victims of police brutality must be compensated. Special Committee on Security and Human Rights to address issues bordering on security issues.

“A special committee on security and human rights will be created to ensure that the activities of any special or tactical units that may be created by the Nigerian police are strictly controlled and any excesses in their activities are promptly arrested.

“Resist any police officer who wants money from you. Stay on the line. “