#EndSARS Protests: Arsons and Murders Didn’t Stop Police from Emerging on Duty in Ekiti: Police Chief

Priscilla Ediare, Ado-Ekiti

State Police Commissioner Ekiti Tunde Mobayo said the unpleasant incidents following the #EndSARS protests in no way prevented his men and officers from performing their duties in the state.

Mobayo said the police, despite setting fires to police stations across the country and threats to their lives, remained fully at their post in Ekiti to ensure the safety of life and property.

The EndSARS protests, which were perceived by criminals as an airplane hijacking, resulted in the deaths of dozens of police officers across the country and the burning of many police stations.

The messy scenario forced the police to tactically withdraw their services in some besieged areas, prompting Inspector General of Police Mohamed Adama to send a motivational message to his men and officers and warn them to return to their posts. Work.

During a telephone conversation with Ado-Ekiti reporters on Saturday, KP, who spoke through the police public relations officer, ASP Sandy Abutu, advised the state’s residents not to be afraid.

Mobayo assured that his people will constantly ensure the protection of life and property in the state, regardless of the tension of the situation.

“We are completely in place, we have not abandoned our duties, despite the tense atmosphere and the killings of our police officers in some other states and the burning of police stations here in Ekiti.

“I really want to thank the cops here in Ekiti for their bravery. They were fully grounded the entire time at EndSARS, never running away from homework despite this perceived threat.

“Let me warn criminals that Ekiti remains a no-go zone for them. We are fully grounded and we will spare nothing to ensure that Ekiti is safe.

“If we need to assess the situation now, we can safely say that Ekichi is safe, there is no cause for concern, and our people, I mean that the residents can carry out their activities without fear, because we are on the spot to carry out our responsibilities are effective. “

Source: – Sun News

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