EndSARS protests banned in Abuja – FCT safety committee

Posted by on Oct 15, 2020, Under: News

EndSARS protests banned in Abuja – FCT safety committee

The President, Major General Muhammad Bukhari, through the Federal Capital Development Agency, banned all protests in Abuja, in the federal capital.

In a statement Thursday, Anthony Oganleiye, chief spokesman for FCT minister Mohammed Bello, said the protesters’ actions put the lives of citizens running their legitimate businesses at risk.

“The FCT Safety Committee met in its regular meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 to review the security situation in the Federal Capital Territory with a view to addressing identified issues,” Oganlei said.

“While the Committee recognizes the constitutional rights of citizens regarding freedom of association and movement, it noted that unruly crowd behavior and manner of demonstrations completely violate accepted COVID-19 security protocols. act to protect the lives of citizens.