EndSARS: Rauf Olanian joins protest, claiming he was a victim

EndSARS: Rauf Olanian joins protest, claiming he was a victim

Deputy Governor of Oyo Ingres State. Rauf Olanian joined the #EndSARS protest, claiming that he has also been twice a victim of police harassment, Sunrisebulletin.com reported.

The deputy governor who made the exposure at the Ibadan State Secretariat on Tuesday (today) was seen holding placards among protesters.

Ingr Olanian accompanied by the Honorable Oyo, Vice-President of the State Chamber. However, Muhammad Fadeyi and members of his congregation ordered the demonstrators to behave peacefully and orderly, adding that he was in solidarity with them.

He said: “I support the #EndSARS protesters because I have been the victim of police brutality twice. The time has come for police reform. It’s time to end police brutality.

“I just needed to calm down, your voice was heard, and soon there will be a positive result,” he said.

Other senior government officials seen in the company of the Deputy Governor are Special Adviser to Governor Seiya Makinde on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) The Hon. Kunle Yusuf and other members of the Oyo State Assembly.

Source: – Herald of the Sunrise

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