#EndSARS: shock when NDP parish leader is killed in Akwa Ibom after church meeting

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#EndSARS: shock when NDP parish leader is killed in Akwa Ibom after church meeting

According to PREMIUM TIMES, Iniobong Lyons, the former chairman of the Akwa Ibom branch of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), was shot dead.

The victim was shot dead in Uyo on Thursday following #EndSARS protests in the city, according to several witnesses.

This was not part of the protest; According to family and church members, he was wounded by a bullet while walking down the street after leaving an African church where he went to a church meeting.

Mr. Lyons, an elder of the African Church, was the former president of the PDP in the Asutan Department 1, Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government District, as well as the former head of the local government council.

When a PREMIUM TIMES reporter visited the victim’s home in the Ndua Erong Trench, Ibesikpo Asutan, on Saturday morning, a delegation from the African Church, led by Bishop Abraham Chia, arrived to pay condolences to his wife.

“As human beings, there is nothing we can do about this situation but pray to God to comfort the family,” one church member told the victim’s wife, Idorenin.

The wife wept as the bishop and church members prayed for her, their three children, and family.

“Father, comfort your family, and may the faithful who have departed from us rest in Abraham’s bosom.

“Lord, take care of your wife and children, take care of them,” the bishop said in his prayer.

The media assistant to Governor of Udom Emmanuel Richard Peters, who is the priest of the African Church, was part of the church delegation.

PDP leaders in Ibesikpo Asutan also visited the victim’s family.

However, his wife told PREMIUM TIMES that the police and government of Akwa Ibom state have not yet visited the family.

Akwa Ibom State Police spokesman Odiko McDonn told PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday morning that a man was killed during the #EndSARS protest in Uyo on Thursday, but police have still not identified the victim.

“The investigation continues,” he said.