EndSARS: Soore Deserves More Than What He Got In Abuja

It is really disappointing to see how the protesters in Abuja reacted to Sowora. This guy literally fought with the Nigerian government and tried his best to get people to take matters into their own hands and protest. He was also jailed for this case.

He joined politics to fight them, but some Nigerians are against him. They branded him “like any other politician.” This is not like the others. He went there to fight them. Let’s not lose sight of this. He could be wrong, like the rest of us. But again and again, he was always close to people. He never turned on people, but now that he and many others have managed to awaken the sleeping giant, people are trying to attack him.

As much as you may be against him, at least show him some respect. He has done enough to guarantee it, and he cannot be treated like that.

Sowore, “forgive them for not knowing what they are doing,” and don’t lose faith in people. We need you in this battle, whether we like it or not. Keep it up and don’t let this slight inconvenience scare you off. There are many more people who support you and will support you. Your service is appreciated.

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