#EndSARS: tensions such as banks, commercial activities in Nsukka closed due to security threats

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#EndSARS: tensions such as banks, commercial activities in Nsukka closed due to security threats

The university city of Nsukka was reportedly closed due to security threats.

Banks, gas stations and other businesses were closed Friday in Nsukka, the Nsukka local government area in Enugu state, after intelligence reports that criminals were paid to take over The EndSARS protest, previously scheduled in the metropolis today, is set to wreak havoc, Vanguard said.

Ogige Market, the only major market in the city, was also closed and merchants were ordered to stay away from the facility.

It turned out that paid criminals were ordered to burn down the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, Ogige Nsukka market and other important objects in the area, prompting the young people to suspend the planned protest, which was to take place today.

This despite the fact that the university community is concerned about the influx of soldiers into Ikenga hotels, including the metropolis of Nsukka, which, according to the hospitality industry, was not related to the planned protest.

Meanwhile, the president of the Nsukka Youth Assembly, NYGA, Comrade Roy Equueme, urged the youth of the area to refrain from any destructive actions during the ongoing protests in the country aimed at reforming the Nigerian police.

Equueme, urging the youth of the area to avoid today’s planned protest, also said: “While peaceful assembly and movement remain the inalienable rights of our people, it is appropriate that we try to avoid chaos and anarchy earlier. you consume all of us.

“According to the security reports I have, thugs, thugs and other criminals have begun raiding neighboring states to rob and destroy UNN, the Ogige Market and our beloved people of Nsukka.

“The young people of Nsukka are encouraged to stay at home and avoid any form of protest. We cannot allow the enemies of our society to destroy our only home.

“The General Assembly of Nsukki Youth orders all its members, the entire youth corps of the North Enugu Senate District, all subsidiary youth organizations and all people and friends of goodwill not to participate in any protests. Friday “.

As the protest was not observed, Vanguard noted a strong security presence at UNN’s entry and exit gates, as well as other strategic points in the area, even as the movement of people and vehicles dropped dramatically.

At the time of the presentation of this report, the President of the Nsukka Barr District. Cosmas Ugwese and other key local government officials were seen moving around the Ogige market to ensure that the site was closed from any form of commercial activity.