EndSARS: We Can’t Guarantee Safety During Christmas – Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officials in areas hardest hit by the #EndSARS protests in the southern part of the country have decided not to work any further, especially during the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.

After a joint meeting of law enforcement officials over the weekend, the district police officer, DPO, who attended the meeting, told PRNigeria that Nigerians had better find a way to protect themselves from thugs and thugs. and unbelievers in the seasons.

The meeting, which was attended by Nigerian military, security, intelligence and response officers, analyzed how the brutal attacks on innocent security personnel during the #EndSARS protest significantly undermined the morale of many military and women, he said. … “In these tiresome months, right up to Christmas and New Years, I doubt any security team can guarantee maximum security as usual. “We will not be able to fulfill our legal responsibilities and functions when we have become an easy target for intruders and violent people,” he said.

In addition, the OI has stated that it will not allow any of its officers and soldiers to be drafted to beat and carry out life-threatening missions during this period. He added: “Our destroyed facilities still need to be rebuilt and rebuilt; our plundered arsenals have yet to be replenished, and when our men and women have yet to overcome the humiliation caused by the atrocities committed against them by the very people we are called to protect, how can we return to our work? “Following the national #EndSARS demonstrations, which escalated into violence and led to the death of people, including police officers, IGP Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu led the Nigerian Police Force, the NPF, now defend themselves against any attacks from criminals. During his assessment of the security situation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Adamu said, “If someone touches you or attacks you, you can also protect yourself.” But despite the PGI’s order to march, PRNigeria gathered a handful of employees who preferred anonymity and were still skeptical about returning to their posts, especially in volatile areas of some states.

Meanwhile, the Police Services Commission (PSC) also said it will not force security personnel to return to work following the recent attack on them and their facilities. Rejecting reports that the commission would fire any police officer who does not return to work, its spokesman Ikechukwu Ani said the agency had condemned the killing of security personnel in the line of duty and warned that any attempt to make the country illegal would be a bad wind that nobody won’t do any good. In an official statement, Ani said the commission can only plead with nationalist officials to return to work as long as the government develops enough protection programs for them. He said: “The Commission will continue to do everything it can to keep the police motivated to do their job.
“The commission, which is the employer of the police, is saddened that police officers were killed and that police stations were set on fire across the country. “At this stage, it would be very insensitive if anyone said that the commission would fire any police officer who did not return to work. “The commission is also currently mourning the death of its gallant officers who died during the crisis.”

Source: – Vanguard

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