EndSARS: Yes! Bukhari was a bad boy

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EndSARS: Yes! Bukhari was a bad boy

Yes, President Muhammadu Bukhari was a bad boy. So bad that it was not possible to effectively manage the #EndSARS movement. No one knows what the future portends. Let me show you how Bukhari has mishandled the current movement against police harassment and brutality.

They say silence is golden, but this saying hardly works for President Muhammadu Bukhari. Nigeria’s leaders are used to the myriad problems facing the Nigerian state. As soon as one of them escalates, they ignore and cover their ears, as if they do not know about the events, until thick smoke pours down. This is why Bukhari is always “shocked” by the events in Nigeria, as stated in the president’s regular press releases. Even when he reacts, he forms an administrative group, which also reports to him on their results, and then the case dies a natural death. He lives only in the tortured hearts of the victims.

When the problem of police brutality began to surface in the recent cases of harassment, brutality, killings and other human rights violations reported in southern Nigeria; Bukhari maintained his usual deafening silence. He was late for the party, and the gate closed for him. Outraged young people complained on social media but were not heard. Bukhari is on social networks, but he is not there either. Those who manage his accounts, or are likely keeping him informed of what’s going on, are also looking the other way. They felt that the conversation was about to die a natural death, like other morbid tendencies in the country. Young people tried to take to the streets, but they needed a leader. The controversial rapper Naira Marley, who was called the “king of the streets”, first provided himself, but later backed down. The struggle for brewing was stronger than him, but he never knew about it. Music performers such as Runtown have vowed never to back down from calling for a peaceful protest in Lagos. Tiva Savage and Faltz came to support him, and the seeds of struggle and resistance were planted in the hearts of young Nigerians. From that moment on, a wave of protests began to gather strength in the continued silence of Bukhari until it spread. If Bukhari, as the father of the nation, immediately spoke encouraging words to calm the angry youth, today everything might be different.

Secondly, the government made another mistake when it introduced a special command for weapons and tactics – SWAT. All efforts to polish the new unit to replace the defunct Rogue unit, SARS. The government failed to take people’s opinion and pulse before introducing SWAT. There is a general consensus that SARS will never end. They will only be renamed because “business” continues for several weeks, as happened with F-SARS. People’s fears were confirmed when SWAT was launched just three days after the dissolution of SARS. Recall, when the protests continued after the dissolution of SARS, the popular question on the lips of the people was the following; “Why are they still protesting?”

There was an instant rift between the protesters. Bukhari’s man, Adam, was able to provide them with a good reason and their motivation was strengthened. Even the Forum of Governors of Nigeria admitted that Police Inspector General Mohammed Adamu had made a costly mistake. PGI appointed by Bukhari and remained in office after an oversight.

In addition, when Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanvo Olu went to Villa Aso Rok to meet with Bukhari, as his state is the epicenter of the protests, there was little drama. While listing the demands of the protesters to the president, he laughed at the point where Sanwo-Olu mentioned financial compensation for the victims / families of victims of police brutality. This laugh is synonymous with what Yoruba consider to be “Erin Ika” (evil laugh). It was more of a mockery. This unusual act easily revealed Bukhari’s position on this issue. Discerning social media users noticed this and it went viral. The protesters felt offended, and more and more people were encouraged to join the protests and increase pressure on the government.

As the protesters gained the upper hand, caught the attention of the international community, rumors spread that the Bukhari administration was ready to send soldiers to end the protests by force. This rumor further angered the young people. Their worst fears were recently confirmed when the Nigerian military announced that they were going to begin a nationwide military exercise called Operation Crocodile Smile. This time he tries to focus on cyber war in a weird way. It is designed to “identify, track and counter negative propaganda on social media and cyberspace.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the EndSARS protesters, who have used the social media space, especially Twitter, as their engine room, are prime targets. Is the government trying to suppress the protest against human rights violations with another round of human rights violations?

The protests continued to grow as people expanded the demands of the EndSARS team. Bukhari cannot meet the demands because the problems are ingrained, centuries old and interconnected. Nigeria also lacks the financial resources to follow them. It will also be difficult to use “DSS tactics” to paralyze the wave of protests because the groups are fragmented with no specific face. They have no leader! It’s also very organic. The main emphasis of the people is not selfish interests; it is a real search for positive change.

They ask too many questions for which Bukhari does not have a definite answer. One moment in time could save nine.

If the protests get out of control, it will be recorded that this happened during the reign of Bukhari. History will be unfair to him. Please let me use the popular hashtag #BuhariHasBeenABadBoy at the end of this article.

Screenplay by Osaimwen Osahon George

Mail: g.osayimwen@gmail.com