#EndSARS: You must track down the cops who killed the demonstrators, Governors Mohammed Adam told IGP.

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#EndSARS: You must hunt down the policemen who killed the demonstrators, Governors Mohammed Adam told IGP.

Governors of 36 states of the federation under the auspices of the Forum of Governors of Nigeria have ordered Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adam to turn up the police responsible for the deaths of #EndSARS protesters protesting police brutality across the country.

They filed an appeal in response to a widespread protest, also accusing PGI of failing to conduct full consultation prior to the dissolution of the controversial SARS police unit.

The governors opposed the creation of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and further pointed out that this is an unfavorable moment as the mood of the nation denies it and, understandably, could be misinterpreted as a secret passage for dressing up. FSARS in a different outfit.

They said the Nigerian police must ensure that all Nigerians are free to carry out their lawful and lawful activities anywhere in the country without fear of harassment, intimidation or harassment.

The governors also demanded compensation for Nigerians who suffered police brutality or other acts that harmed them or their loved ones.

The Statement signed by the NGF President and the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, read;

“Governors unanimously endorsed PGI and endorsed its plan to implement far-reaching reforms aimed at increasing efficiency, accountability and transparency; Council members called for more regularity in the meetings of the Nigeria Police Council so that it can effectively carry out its regulatory and oversight functions as mandated by the Nigerian Constitution.

“Regarding PGI’s plan to create SWAT, the governors said that while the effort may be necessary and in good faith, they argued it was an unfavorable moment as the nation’s sentiment denied it and could understandably be misinterpreted as a secret passage to disguise FSARS in a different guise;

The governors agreed that further public consultation is needed before any decisions are taken. The governors advised PGI to immediately convene a meeting of all stakeholders and agree on a format for interacting with all state officials to resolve problems; and that the leadership of the state should meet simultaneously at the national level to address emerging issues.

“The governors stressed that the reforms should include training and retraining of operators in the rules of interaction with the population; The Nigerian police must guarantee all Nigerians the freedom to carry out their lawful and legal activities anywhere in the country without fear of harassment, intimidation or harassment; “The governors advised that throughout the reform process, the consultation room could include meetings and direct public feedback, stressing that there is no single solution that applies to all 36 states of the federation and territory. Federal capital.

“The governors have stated unequivocally that all police officers who have participated in abuses or actions that could lead to the injury or death of innocent citizens should be caught and brought to justice, while other Nigerians who have been victims of police brutality or other actions that were harmful to them or their loved ones, must be compensated.

“Each state must create a commission to pay compensation to all victims and ensure that the necessary compensation is paid to those who deserve it. This needs to be done systematically to ensure that no one who deserves compensation is excluded.

“The Forum has directed its Secretariat to work with law enforcement to develop a framework for the establishment of commissions of inquiry in all states to deal with complaints and redress; The governors are aware that some states have already started attracting protesters and called on all states that have not yet started inviting all stakeholders to address these issues.

Members also encouraged PGI, the Police Service Commission and the Nigeria Police Council to urgently review the salaries and remuneration of police officers and explore ways to fund them in order to incentivize and motivate police officers. who are committed to serving the country.

“Governors have ordered PGI to be prepared to forge closer partnerships with state governments and civil society to improve civil relations between the Nigerian police and the Nigerian public.”