Enugu 2023: Detractors try again, attentive audience – Victor Chigozie Eneh

Enugu 2023: Detractors try again, attentive audience - Victor Chigozie Eneh

It has become imperative to call public attention to the surreptitious plot of some desperate politicians in the state of Enugu to launch a campaign of unwarranted slander against the current administration aimed at undermining the existing peace and good governance in the state for their selfish and unpopular. political ambition by 2023.

It is well known that at the end of every administration of the state of Enugu, this group of desperate politicians resort to blackmail, lies, blatant falsehoods and all sorts of smear campaigns against the ruling government through sponsoring unfounded and spiteful opinion articles in national magazines. newspapers and social media platforms.

As we near the end of this current peaceful, development-oriented and people-oriented administration in the state of Enugu, these political elements have approached me and my colleagues with spiteful and fictitious made-up articles, asking us to use our social platforms. media to cast denigration on the government.

I am aware that they have also enlisted the services of some consultants and media executives in Lagos and equally induced them with enormous resources to carry out their evil plan, as they did during the end of Sullivan Chime’s past administration, ahead of the 2015 general election. .

This alarm was necessary in view of the pressure exerted on us by these desperate politicians to comply with their selfish request, which we rejected on the basis of our belief that their plot is immoral, ungodly and malicious, like the accusations leveled against the government were bogus and a clear case of political revenge.

The further motive of the main sponsor of the smear campaign, a self-styled “powerful” politician based in Abuja who showed in his usual business title such crass despair during preparations for the 2015 general elections, is well known by most. demanding of the public.

These detractors are obviously unhappy with the appreciated peace and security they enjoy today in the State of Enugu, the unprecedented achievements of the current administration despite all the many challenges it has encountered since its inception in 2015, and the enviable goodwill and solidarity enjoyed by the government from the people of the state and beyond.

It is documented that no past administration in the state of Enugu has suffered a quarter of the avalanche of challenges this current administration has encountered since 2015, which border on the tough challenges of the nation’s economy, security and public health.

More troubling is the inconsistency in the allegations fabricated by these detractors, which run counter to the verdicts of several reputable institutions and organizations on the performance of the Enugu state government and the prudent handling of the state’s scarce resources for development and welfare issues. people.

These state government verdicts by institutions and organizations, according to records, include organized labor (regular payment of N30,000 new minimum wage, pensions, other welfare packages, and Nigeria’s most labor-friendly governor’s award), World Bank Group (Nigeria’s second most advanced state on ease of doing business), BudgIT (among the three most viable states in Nigeria) and the Economic Confidential (among the six (6) economically viable states in Nigeria that can survive without federal allocations) etc.

One wonders why some people have attempted to undermine these laudable enterprises, which include massive infrastructure development such as the ongoing construction of the Enugu State Government’s first elevated bridge; quality and provision of affordable health care and the massive construction work underway at the permanent site of ESUT Teaching Hospital and College of Medicine, Igbo-Eno; mass recruitment of teachers and transformation of the education sector; job generation and youth empowerment for ICT innovation; rural development; grassroots sport development and investment promotion, among others.

We therefore ask the public to be wary of such spiteful publications and to know that they are the work of creators of spite and enemies of peace and good OPINION Victor Chigozie Eneh: Enugu 2023: The detractors are at stake again, public attention to the government of the state of Enugu.

It is our sincere advice that those behind these unpleasant acts should channel their energies and resources towards useful endeavors that would add value to the development of the state of Enugu, especially at this critical time when the country is witnessing many economic challenges, of public safety and health.

Eneh writes from Trans-Ekulu, Enugu

Source: – Daily post

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